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  1. tomstib

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    Dec 27, 2010
    Just started to reload on a Lee single stage press. I reloaded about 30 yrs. ago so I am starting from scratch. On the resizing/decapping die, the seating die and the crimping die do you go all the down the full length of the brass in this case .45 acp. Or do you go down just enough to get the job done (ie to punch out the old primer etc)

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    on the sizer/decapper die I set mine to touch the shellholder and run the brass all the way in. on the seater I run a sized piece of brass up into the die with the press at the top of its stroke, then screw the die in until I feel resistance, then back up a 1/4 turn and set the lock ring. The LEE die sets have a separate crimping die for handgun calibers and they get set the same as the sizer die since the crimp is adjusted with the stem on top...

  3. tomstib

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    Dec 27, 2010
    Thank youfor the information.

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  5. Also get a copy of Modern Reloading by Richard Lee, 2nd Ed.. Lee explains in detail how to use his equipment.
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