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  1. Bought a new 1911 today. Decided on the Springfield G.I.

    Satisfied with accessories. Nothing spectacular, but handy stuff for sure. Most noteworthy though is the coupon SA includes with their 1911's. It's a one-time mail in with big discounts on catalog stuff ($9 factory mags/up to 10 per order, holsters, shirts, parts etc etc).

    The very tight fitted and except for the grips looks just like a newly parkarized 1911-A1 you may have seen in a U.S. Army armsroom back in the day. I imagine it's 98% identical to what my dad and his dad carried. (I't can hang with the USP .45 I had in Iraq.) There's a tiny 3mm keyhole just under the grip safety, but you'd have to be looking for that to notice it.

    Shooting...everything a basic .45 ACP should be. Sights damn sure not meant for low light conditions and a speedbump on the grip safety might be nice for gloves, but all in all it's simple like a weapon ought to be. Haven't shot it on paper from a bench yet, not figuring it to be tackdriver. Eats up ball ammo no problem. Still need to run some JHP's through it, but expecting some stoppages. Any suggestions on JHP brands that do well in 1911's made for FMJ?

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  2. Beautiful gun Delta, I would really like to hear a range report
    I really like Springfields GI-45 even more so than their $2000 competion models.
    I am gonna go cry now:)

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    Both of my Springers get along real well with Federal Hydra-Shoks and will eat ball all day long.;)
  4. Southern, I'll get ya a range report as soon as time allows. When I line up some bulk ammo I may break this one in at one sitting. Since no bells 'n whistles, it's fun to just shoot.

    Berto, that's good to hear on the Hydra-Shoks. Those are my preference in .38 spl and I'd be happy with using same JHP in this .45.

    I know some JHP's are better suited for non-customized 1911's than others, as in more forgiving in pistols designed for ball. I'd like to see what this one likes/dislikes in factory form before I polish ramp etc etc.
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    Nice looking portable heater, Delta.

    SoMo gave me an identical one for a wedding present a while back. It shoots well and we are more than satisfied with it. You made an excellent choice.
  6. Beautiful weapon, Delta! Berto is right, try the Federal Hydra-Shoks for your JHP rounds. They're very effective stoppers, and Federal gave special attention in their design to making sure they will feed well in all auto pistols. I've also had good luck with Speer Gold Dots.
  7. Thanks. They are great gifts huh:D

    Alright, Pistol...that's two up for Hydra-Shocks.

    Slipped off to graduate this pistol from beer bottles to Didn't get a bench bag though, so no supported group yet.

    First photo is 7 rounds aimed fire, weaver standing, at 7 yards in 10 seconds, factory mag/range reloads. Close enough to point of aim to live with for me. Won't be drifting the rear sight. Expecting this gun is more accurate than my hold.

    Second photo, same target at 15 yards, single dominant hand standing fire, 3 strings of fire with 2 x 8 round mags/range reloads (2nd string was 1 mag), combat mag change, 20 second strings, searching high to low for fresh paper. You can see where my one-hand fire trigger squeeze is mostly pulling the point of impact into the left. I think it's from being accustomed to wide grip pistols. Have to be more aware of this during fire.

    Function wise...plenty more accurate than most new military pistols are out of the greasy crate. Happy with the factory sight setting. The factory 7rd mags, well with those range reloads there was a few times I had to slap the back of the slide with my palm(the 'ol tap-bang)...usually about 4th round. McCormick mags seemed to be more forgiving. Will eventually see a job on the feed ramp before I badmouth any mags yet though.

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  8. Hey Delta, if I may ask without offending you, how much did that beautiful example of the pistol-makers art set ya back? Yeah, I'm drooling. :D ;)
  9. Ah shucks I ain't offended.

    'Twas about $630 after taxes. I'm sure ya can find one for a little less. Me and the dealer was talking and figured we duck hunted some of the same waters in midwest/canada etc etc, know same people in other places, and he threw in a generous stack of ammo, so I left fealing like it was a good buy.

    I'm positive you could walk out the door at or below $600 somewhere with this SA 1911.
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    May 8, 2005

    Not sure how picky you are about such things, but I'd be willing to bet that plastic holster is going to scratch the hell out of that parkerized finish with any use. Figured I'd pass that along at least...

    Looks like a shooter! Thanks for the report.

  11. Thanks, and I agree.

    The only thing I'll put in plastic. ie Glock in Kydex.

    IMHO steel should ideally be carried in leather, preferably covering all but the grip and with a thumbstrap.
  12. Range update:

    A few hundred more rounds (FMJ) through the 1911-A1 and getting smoother every time. A few shoots and Level I cleanings and she runs reloads without hiccups. (Glad I didn't accuse any mag

    This piece went through several hands, from novice to semi-pro...and all said one or two things in common...gentle to shoot/nice lack of frills-bells-whistles.

    If you're tired of pressure to need "TACTICAL" "EXTREME" "XTREME" "Hispeed" "Special Forces/Recon/Navy SEAL/In-flight Missle Repair Operator Tested" "Install this doohicky in 23 seconds and out-shoot champions with decades of dedicated experience..." there's still pistols that just sling lead real good. Glad I found one.

    Quote of the day on last firing session was from Theresa. She'd just burned up mags of .40, 9mm, .380 and paused to say it (.45) was softest shooting caliber so far...then "Jeeez! Oh wow! Look at the size of those holes!!"

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  13. Yup, I think you got yourself a nice piece of hardware with that Springfield, Delta. And the lovely lady in the picture is definitely no reject either! ;)

    You plan to use the piece for carry, or mostly for just target work?
  14. Thanks Pistol.

    I do think it is going to do carry work. It's a fightin' iron right:D

    As far as the lady...I wish lovely looks were everything...but they're not...a high percentage of the pretty ones are crazy...and that is another story, friend lol.
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    Apr 23, 2002
    Location location
    I dont recall ever hearing more accurate words spoken.

    Congrats on the new piece Bro...Hope it serves you well. If I were a betting man I'd wager that it will.

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