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    You still can. The Sheriff (actually the "Chief Law Enforcement Officer" where you live. Might be Sheriff, Police Chief, DA, etc.) signs the Form 5 (block # 17), saying that you aren't a criminal and there is no legal reason why you can't have the gun.

    I'd mention to the administrator, that, as soon as the papers came back, the gun was mine, which meant that he would be "in possession of an NFA item that was not registered to him", and that was worth a quarter million dollar fine and ten years in the Federal pokey. ATF don't like people having unregistered machine guns. Hangin' on to it for a month, after the paper came back? Damn.

    The only costs involved should be the fingerprints and the photographs. Our Sheriff's office used to do prints for free (police charged five bucks) but I noticed they have started charging. I used to go to professionals to get my picture taken. Cost around ten bucks. Last time I did, though, I saw he used a digital camera and printed out the pic. So the last time I needed pix, I did it myself. All it cost was the semi-glossy photo paper.
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    Yeah, that's my brother.

    He also had an estate sale, mostly of items I hadn't even seen yet from the house (much of it military), without telling me. And I was a co-trustee of the estate...

    We don't talk anymore.

  3. Why don't you just take possession of the guns and leave the Feds out it? I've given guns to all my children and step-children. A gift, if you will. I'm not going to give the Gov't anymore info than they need. They obviously can't control anything, just ban stuff. The Gov't doesn't do anything correctly. Just take them and dispense them how you think he would want. If you think it's just you, you are a new gun owner. TJ
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    Well, Teejay, it's like this. Back in 1934 they came up with this really really bad law. The law says, in part, that machine guns have to be registered with the Feds, and if you have one that isn't registered, and get caught with it, they can send you to jail for ten years and fine you a quarter of a million dollars.

    Now, I'm with you on the "giving gifts" thing. I've given guns to my daughter, brother, sister-in-law, nephew, son-in-law and both granddaughters. I figger ain't none of that any of the government's business.

    But, when I shuffle off this mortal coil, and join the choir invisible, and my daughter inherits my guns, there's five of 'em that's gonna have to be registered. That's just the way it is, unfortunately.
  5. Ahhhh....I guess it might be good to check out what the others have suggested. Ten years would be kinda hard to take:eek::eek::D:D:. I missed the part about full auto machine guns. It would still make a great gift. TJ
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