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    Sep 2, 2007
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    I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, if not I will move it.

    I am wondering if anyone has used night vision (rifle scope, binoculars, or goggles) I used to have a cheap walmart night owl and it was making a whining sound. I couldn't get a clear image of an animal at 40 yards, i could just make out a blurry glowing eye. I have been thinkin about getting something for coyote, fox, coon hunting, just not sure what to get. I found some cheap Gen 1 NV rifle scopes for 500+. I would love to get one of the Gen 3 day/NV but I don't have $2500+. I know the Gen 1 you can see the ir light. Can you also see it on the Gen 2+3? Just wondering what ya'all think on the subject. :confused:
    Thank You in advance. -Shawn
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