Nooh Joizee gun ohners aphter arplains

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    :mad: Eye gis heerd ona raideyo newz abowt dem folkz in nooh joizee. Thay say der bad guys gonna shewt down da big arplains wif da fity kalber guns. Sew now dey gonna ban da fity kalber guns.

    Wot dey tinkin? Weye don sumun slap dem nooh loizee folkz in der hed nd tel em it b onli der gewd guys hoo folloe der laws.:cool: :confused:
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    May 5, 2003

    or, tel em da fiddy kalber guns wuz so bad shootndowhn planez da Armee dropped da fiddy-kwad, wot had fower fiddy-kalberr gunz

  3. I think a .50 would be unlikely to bring down an airliner, unless a tracer round happend to strike one of the fuel tanks. Could probably do the same with a 30.06, or similar rifle round, with a tracer. Getting close enough while an aircraft approaches on final, or shortly after take off would not be much of a challenge, but striking jet fuel would be quite unlikely, IMHO.

    I'm not worried about giving any potential terrorists ideas; I'm sure the scenario has been proposed and dismissed.

    The real threat, as all know, are shoulder fired heat-seeking missles.

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    May 5, 2003
    As I was saying (in faux-joisey patois), the 50BMG round was such a dismal failure as an anti-aircraft weapon that the US Army dropped the quad-50 as an anti-aircraft weapon in the 60s. A lone 50bmg gunner with a bolt-action weapon is so unlikely to hit an aircraft, it's laughable.
  5. b coo ll on my pikup trk, tho. :D

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