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    Everyone knows that most 22's are finicky about their ammo well I found that out again. I have a Norinco JW 15 bolt action 22 rifle and I got it for a song as the saying goes and it would shoot most everything into 3-4 inches at 50 yds. I was about ready to rebarrel it and the last time I had it at the Range at KoKo Head in Hawaii my shooting buddy handed me some CCI Mini Mags and said it never hurts to try, well those things have never grouped in anything I had. I usually got patterns instead of groups. I tried them in the JW15 and it shoots 1/2 to 5/8th of an inch at 50 yds on the bench. Let's hope it shoots that good with most lots.

    Steve E............
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  3. pawn

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    Norinco JW 15 is a knock-off the Czech made BRNO Model #1. JW15's have a solid reputation as tight shooters at a reasonable price point. As you say, every rifle has ammo it likes.... sounds like you found one flavor for your rifle. :D
  4. Steve E

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    I have one of the Brno No.1's also, it is from some time around 1950 I think and it shoots almost as good. You can tell the JW15 is a copy but they didn't quite make it on the stock though.

    Steve E..........
  5. pawn

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    IMHO, the BRNO Mod 1 is probably the best sporter 22lr ever made. Mine will shoot MOA to sub MOA off the bench every time, if I do my part. It's fun to try different ammo, when you find the type your particular rifle likes.... its great fun. :D
  6. Steve E

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    I haven't been able to shoot the #1 very much to try different types of 22's to see what it likes the best. The BRNO #1is one of the most svelte 22's I have ever owned or handled, it's like the stock grew with the barrel and action attached. I may sell some of my 22's sometime but I won't sell my BRNO #1.

    Steve E.........
  7. BSAP

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    I had one of the JW15's and it shot terribly. I honed the trigger to get a smooth release and then rouged the barrel. The groups shrunk to under 1/2" at 50 yds and many times were 1/4" with all shots touching. Sometimes after about 50 rounds the accuracy would expand as the barrel fouled up. Another polishing with rouge brought it back to perfection. do not rouge the exit of the barrel as wear at the muzzle there can seriously affect accuracy. Put the muzzle against a piece of wood and rouge the bore from the breech end with about 50 strokes each time before trying for accuracy. Clean well and use ammo that doesn't leave a lot of unburned powder. That little rifle could do with a heavier stock though.
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    Try firelapping the barrel. Much faster and a lot less work. :)
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