Norinco SKS scopes

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  1. Dansky

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    Apr 23, 2006
    I'd like some opnions on what scope will work well on a Norinco SKS, Most bang for the buck.So to speak
  2. Dan, I just mounted a new NcStar 2x7 LER in a scout mount on my SKS and so far it is working out very well indeed. The scope only set me back $43.00.

  3. I'm using a B.S.A. .22 Special scope with a change out reciver mount on my Norinco. Did all of it for under $55.00 bucks, And it's dead on couldn't ask for a better set up. It's a 4x32

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  4. Forgot to mention you'll need a shell deflector $9.99 if you go with a full size scope
  5. IBFrank

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    May 7, 2006
    So. Ohio
    I found a set at a gun show. It had a nice proper sized scope, a nice machined receiver cover w/rings mounted, covers and 20 stripper clips for $40.00. About the same as what you see in SGN. Went right on and was nearly zeroed, good enough to not adjust the scope! Nice rifles (mine's a Yugo) and fun to shoot. Got a deal on mine, $150.00 in unissued cond. (good customer benefit). It was priced over $200.00. Brake-Kleen (non-clorinated) defeats cosmolene and gets in places you can't.
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