'Not an 1892, after all. (Embarrassed!)

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  1. My grand-dad's gun, I discover after removing and looking under the tang sight, is actually a model '97, purchased new in the mid 19-teens. I broke it down today and looked it over. It's in awfully nice shape, and the bore is immaculate. Worth....?

    See photos: (#4 displays with hammer cocked. 'Very poor form. 'Sorry.)

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    Hey welcome to the forum really nice rifle someone will be along to help u

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    Dexter: You have a very interesting rifle and I would like to see a better picture of what the thing is by your left thumb on the barrel. The fitting on the end of the barrel is for a Maxim silencer. The two dovetail cuts on the barrel are also very interesting. If you have the silencer it is probably illegal, however there was a time (when your gun was delivered) they were legal and there perhaps maybe some type of grandfather rights but I would seek the advice of firearms lawyer only if you have the silencer and don't tell us one way or the other.

    As for value I would not hazard a firm guess but I am sure it is well into the four digits.

  4. No silencer, so no lawyer necessary. The button like thing looks like it would fit through a leather strap???. The dovetail cuts, I am not sure about. The front one has a strange elkhorn, but I use the vernier sight when shooting. Perhaps they're for a scope? It would be mounted awfully far forward, though. I'll get better images up later today. Thanks.
  5. Please find further photos of dove-tail cuts on top of barrel, and "button-shaped" device dove-tailed into left side of barrel.

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