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  1. keppler

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    May 3, 2003
    Eastern Oklahoma
    Bout that time of year again. Gotta dust off the wall hanger...hunt up the powder flask and see what happens. I'll post some targets before halloween...I picked up a dancing, singing werewolf last night...oh yeah, back to shooting:D

    Was deer hunting one time, had a little spike walk up to about 20 yards and decided to take him, pulled the trigger and POP....cap went off but nothing else...deer just hopped around a bit and looked at me like I was nutz, put a new cap on and same thing...deer just hopped around and looked at me again like" leave me alone I'm lookin for a girl friend".
    I kid you not, this went on for 10 caps before I finally just gave up, the spike never ran of until I stood up.
    It had rained the night before and I guess the powder had drawed moisture or something. I had to take the nipple out, poke some powder in and finally got the gun to shoot.
    The joys of BP hunting;)
  2. armedandsafe

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    I've not gone so far as 10 caps, but I did have a coyote walk up to within about 20 feet of my blind, while I was dribbling powder into the bolster and getting the nipple back in. I was getting real nervous before I got the rifle back in service.


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