Now Their After The Knives.

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    I know this probably should go in the Knives & Edged Items forum, but if you're like me, you carry a knife every day and rarely check in on the knife guys. :eek:
    Thats why I posted it here.
    I carry a Kershaw Leek or Boa everyday. Both of these are "assisted opening" knives but this law could extend to other knife designs as well.

    I ran across this this morning and figured it needed to be seen.

    Monday, 08 June 2009

    U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) has proposed revoking earlier rulings that assisted opening knives are not switchblades. The proposed new rule would not only outlaw assisted opening knives, its broad definition of a switchblade would also include one-handed opening knives and could be easily interpreted to cover most other pocket knives, even simple old-fashioned slip-joints.

    Note that CBP's interpretation of the Federal Switchblade Act forms the basis for national, state and even local law and judicial rulings in many cases. This ruling by CBP is NOT limited to just imports. This WILL affect virtually everyone who carries a pocket knife, no matter the type!

    http://Download the 63 page CPB document and read it for yourself

    Knife Rights has sent a letter to CBP requesting an extension to the ridiculously short 30-day comment period. We need your help to make an impression on CBP. They figured that they could slip this by everyone with little notice. We need to let CBP know that they are not going to get away with it; that we noticed and we are not happy and that we will not stand by while they take away our pocket knives.

    We are in for the fight of our lives. We need you to write CBP NOW!

    http://Click here for a Model Letter you can send to CBP.

    However, the reality is that CBP isn't required to listen to our demands, but they do have to answer to Congress. After you send a letter to CBP, giving them notice they are not going to sneak this by us, the next step is to inundate Congress with emails and letters.

    If you want to be free to carry your pocket knives in the future, you need to write your Senators and Representative TODAY!

    We have also prepared a Communicating with Congress page that includes tips to maximize the effect of your letters. This page was developed after consultation with experts who understand exactly how to get your message across to Members of Congress. We have also included easy links to find your Representatives, if you don't know who they are or the best way to reach them. How much of an impact your communication has can be significantly impacted by how and what you write. Our aim is to help maximize your impact so your Members of Congress actually listen and do something. PLEASE, take a few minutes to review our Communicating with Congress page BEFORE you act.

    Knife Rights was formed three years ago because we knew it was only a matter of time before something like this would happen that would threaten to take away our right to own and carry our knives. Well, that time is now and we're working to help keep our essential tools and essential rights. We cannot do it without your help. Knife Rights is only as powerful as the forces we can bring to bear. You are the only truly effective weapon we have. Policitcans only listen to voters. NOW IS YOUR TIME TO ACT!

    Because you are sending a hard copy letter and emails via Members' web forms, we won't know you did it unless you let us know. It is critical that we be able to know how many have responded, so please click here to send us an email ( to let us know you've sent the letter and emails.

    WRITE Customs NOW!
    WRITE your Members of Congress NOW!

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    I sent the form letter to both of my Senators. Do you think we need to send it to our Reps?

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    I can't see where it would hurt. The more folks that know about this the better.
    DHS is lible to try to have it buried in some obscure bill that nobody knows anything about, like the porkulus bill. :rolleyes: ;)

  4. More stupid BS from the stinking closet-commie socialist b****** in DC.:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

    I wish those f***tarded morons in DC would get a clue....SOCIALISM SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Dont get me started on knives.

    I carried a pocket knife most of my life. I used it every day for everything from opening the mail, to sharpening a pencil, cutting some cheese to fixing the car. Now its illegal to carry because its a lock knife, you know the safe kind that wont flick closed on your fingers. Unbelievable.

    I am almost lost for words at the stupidity of it. Like the broken pencil I cant sharpen, pointless.
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    I know better than to email my Senators, but I did. I emailed Doc Hastings, my Rep. That will do some good.

    I used the tactic that they are discriminatiing against handicapped people. No knives which can be opened by a one handed person and illegal to carry/possess in public a fixed blade. hmmmm

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    At least my sons swords are safe.:rolleyes:
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    Jun 13, 2009
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    Please don't forget to contact the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) via written letter sent USPS. They are refusing to accept email and are only allowing 30 days for these letters to be sent; deadline for them to receive them is June 20.

    Again: Write Customs & Border Patrol NOW! Sample letter and address here.

    I think this is a backdoor attempt to screw us out of our knives, our guns being next.
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    This sounds eerily like Mr. Eric Holder is attempting an action on knives to determine how effective he can prohibit guns. Do you remember him saying "I don’t think our Second Amendment will stand in the way of efforts we have begun and will expand upon.” Perhaps trade is how Mr. Holder is attempting to limit firearms?

    My question is why in the hell these pocket knives are considered a hazard? How many murders occur because a suspect is able to whip out their knife quickly? If someone is going to jump an unsuspecting victim, their knife is already going to be ready. This is bullcrap. This makes absolutely NO sense!!!! This administration has their head up their collective arse!!!! :mad:
  10. This is just a transparent ploy to see how much more control the closet-commies can ram down our throats. Like I've said before, EVERYTHING The Hussein does is transparent. Guess that is his idea of a "new era of openness and transparency in government.":rolleyes::rolleyes: If the moronic branwashed Kool-Aid drinking sheeple could get their heads out of the mind numbing drivel thay watch on TV long enough to actually THINK for themselves, they'd see it too. But thinking is too hard, I guess. It must be much easier to just sit back, let one's IQ drop while watching "American Idol" and "Survivor" and partake of the tasty Barry-flavored Kenyan Kool-Aid. Eveytime I hear a "citizen" go on about how great Obababababa is, I want to vomit my guts up:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

    I've got something right here that Eric ButtHolder can register and confiscate....MY BUTT!!!!!!!!!!:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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    Here's another article on this issue from WND...
  12. Bill DeShivs

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    This is not a proposed bill. It is a proposed RULING by customs. It is a new, liberal interpretation of the 1958 switchblade act. All they have to do is DECIDE these knives are illegal, unless they get millions of letters opposing this ruling. Make sure you print out a letter and MAIL it to customs.
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    Aug 24, 2008
    I'd love to have one of those customs morons try and free a horse that's tangled in a rope and open a standard "jack knife" with one hand while the other hand is full of horse.:mad:

    You know, it's harder and harder for me to be respectful when writing these bombastic poltroons. I'm getting to where they really need to know how the cow eats the cabbage.:mad::mad:

    Thanks for the links Art. Also to add, comments MUST be received by June 21st, 2009, so....time is of the essence.
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    North Carolina

    This is exactly right. Please see my post #8 for a link to the CPB address and sample letter.

    Time is of the essence.

    They are not accepting emails and only offered to accept written letters via snail mail from the public for thirty days which expires June 21, THIS coming Sunday.

    Letters must be in their hands by June 21, NOT postmarked by June 21. If you haven't sent your letter out already, please do so asap.

    I would hate to be a felon for crossing state lines carrying the pocket knife I use to cut a horse loose in a trailer should an accident occur, etc. as would anyone who carries one for work or personal business.

    I don't even want to think about how many people this would put out of work. :(
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    Just adding fuel to the fire, I just received this: