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    On Dec. 29, with only four days left in Michigan's late antlerless-deer season, Howard Bryant made a clean shot on a doe.

    That was four days after Bryant's 103rd birthday.
    Now Bryant, who lives in Ovid, about 30 miles northeast of Lansing, is a YouTube star. He's got the lead role in "Howard Bryant Goes Deer Hunting at 103 Years Old." You can catch Bryant's film debut below or at Search "Howard Bryant".
    One of Bryant's "guides" on the hunt, Norman Martin, who also lives in Ovid, shot the video and told the tale. Norman is the brother of Larry Martin, the other guide, who also happens to be Bryant's son-in-law - another Ovidian.
    'Top-notch' blind
    Bryant is a retired teacher who spent most of his career at Ashley High School. He credited his guides for his hunting success:
    "They took me to a top-notch place on farm land," he said.
    As for his longevity, Bryant said it boils down to two things: "My doctors and my parents." Good medical care and good genes. "I was very fortunate," he added.
    Raised on a farm near Eureka, Bryant has killed some deer in his time. On a single day five or six seasons ago - when Bryant was a spryer 98, or so, he bagged three whitetails. But he's been in a bit of a dry spell since then. His guides were determined last month to end the drought.
    On the afternoon of Dec. 28, the two Martins set Bryant up in a hunting shanty overlooking a creek on a 60-acre private parcel in Saginaw County. Bryant was using a Remington Model 700 .243-caliber rifle.
    An honest storyteller - a rarity, some might say, among hunters and anglers - the crew acknowledged that Bryant missed a deer that day. But the next day, from the same stand, he put a perfect double-lunger on a deer standing 80 yards away.
    Celebratory toast
    Bryant and his guides celebrated the successful hunt with a bottle of Boones Farm - cherry, I believe.
    Norman Martin wrote: "This might sound like just any other deer hunt that many of us go on every year. There was no trophy ... 12-point buck - just an antlerless deer to show for our effort. But this was a special deer hunt for all of us involved.
    "Howard has shot many deer over the last 30 years, while hunting with us, but this one had to be the most rewarding of any I can remember."
    Martin added that he's looking forward to hunting with Bryant next year.
    Call John Schneider at 377-1175, send a fax to 377-1298 or e-mail


    God bless this fine gent
    i wish him another next year!!!!
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    Excellent story! I think they really should have gotten something better than cherry Boone's Farm to celebrate though. Heh.

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    Way to go Howard Bryant.
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    I have no doubt that if I am graced to be hunting at even 80yrs old, it will be a great day, let alone 103 !
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    OUTSTANDING story Jack, thanks.
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    When I was in college we used to take Boones farm Apple Wine and put a shot of Seagrams 7 in it. Nasty, if I only had known I was going to live this long.
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    Excellent. Really enjoyed that story.
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