NRA cultural flashback 50 and 100 years and how American culture viewed firearms.

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    Feb 24, 2004
    April 2004. American Rifleman. I love these last page flashback and it gives a valuable glimpse as to how we viewed firearms culturally back then and life in general was perceived very differently. It would appear that we were more hearty folks back then. Check this out.

    75 years ago, the year is 1929. page. 96

    "Getting Ready for Camp Perry" by Col. W.A. Tewes"

    " As in athletics, so in rifle shooting, performance is a reflection of physical fitness. The first thing to do is clean house physically. Cut out tobacco, tea, coffee and liquor. Drink water. A mild purgative would be in order.. Pay attention to personal hygiene. Eat sparingly and slowly; and masticate thoroughly. Avoid antagonistic combinations of food. Relax ,except when shooting. Be calm, be confident, refuse to worry or fret. Get eight hours of sleep"

    I think I would have liked to shoot with this guy!:D

    courtesy of Oxford English Dictionary.
    1. A purgative is a laxative.
    :mad: :eek: :mad: :D

    2. To masticate, means to chew.
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    I like his attitude. He seems like a very heardy fellow. I keep thinking of Sean Connory in The Untouchables.
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