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    Nov 19, 2008
    Akron, Ohio
    I am an NRA member and I have no intention of giving up my membership. I believe the NRA has been the major force in protecting our second amendment rights. Recently though I have heard some criticism that the NRA has compromised on some things they shouldn't have. I've heard a few people in the media say that they were quite at odds with the NRA and preferred to support the Gun Owners of America. I don't really understand what is behind this debate but I read some info about the GOA and some endorsements of this group and it seems like a good organization to me. My question is for those who understand the history of this issue, is there any reason not to join the GOA while maintaining my NRA membership
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    GOA is much more vocal and confrontational than is NRA. It is also much smaller, so doesn't have the sway in Congress and the states as does NRA.

    I don't belong to GOA, because I have to limit my cash flow, now that I'm retired. I belong also to SAF, as they seem to be one which actually goes out after the activities thich need attention. Looking at the court cases they have brought or sponsored, you will find that NRA often rides on their coat tails.


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    I'd join both if possible... Currently I'm a member of a local organization and the NRA. If I get frisky enough, GOA will be my next affiliation.

    My one complaint about GOA is that their website is primitive at best. They present themselves as a 2nd-rate citizen compared to the NRA and even local affiliations. Although more aggressive, their presentation lacks a great deal. Younger potential members may be perturbed by GOA's lack of sophistication on their website. In fact, it looks like some of the first websites I ventured to explore in 1997... That's sad...
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    Jul 8, 2005
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    I kicked the NRA to the curb after seeing their actions, and now give to the GOA.
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    Jan 29, 2008
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    I don't belong to any because quite simply I don't heat my house, so buying a membership to any organization is out of the question at this time :D. However, to echo what others have said here, I hear mostly only good things about GOA, and though the NRA obviously pulls the clout factor I have heard a lot of complaints. Nothing is perfect, but like you said you already belong to the NRA...
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    The day that Wayne L. leaves his post or any post within the NRA is the day I will buy a lifetime membership. I got a phone call recorded message years ago from him that really got my goat and have told them everytime they call. My wife is a retired school teacher and it had to do with the teachers not teaching certain subjects. I know for a fact that mine and all the others here teach it everyday. Sorry for the rant.
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  7. Great question..... :) , always curious myself.

    Looking forward to more responses .
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    Dec 8, 2007
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    GOA appears like a good organization. I may join soon. As of now, I am a life member of the NRA. I support the NRA because it has the clout. If you disagree with the position of the board, you can vote that board member out. Most objections I have heard over the years to the NRA's positions are unfounded. Driven by the left wing media, and picked up and spread by those of us who should know better! I suspect, that a lot of the anti-NRA rhetoric I've heard over the years, has been from people too cheap to support ANY organization protecting their rights. Many are way too willing to let others fight their fight, and pay their way. Next time someone who is vehemently anti NRA starts to rant on why they can't send in a donation, ask them which organization they are a member. If they are part of the .05% that claim membership in a pro-gun organization. Then ask why they would try to tear down the one that got us this far?

    I say support all that you can!
  9. pickenup

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    I'll go easy here.

    So, if you don't agree with the NRA policies, vote them out. ROFL.

    H. L. Richardson was a board member of the NRA for 10 years. Did he see a problem with their policies? When he found he could NOT change it from within, he left and started the Gun Owners Of America. (GOA) What is now (arguably) the largest REAL PRO gun rights activist organization in the country. Which is also known by MOST as the “NO COMPROMISE” gun lobby.

    For anyone that has looked into this issue, I mean REALLY looked into this issue, it wouldn't even BE an issue.
  10. Marlin

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    I couldn't agree more with Pick.

    I have been a Life Member of NRA for more than thirty years and have been very upset with the compromises they have negotiated in the name of protecting our 2nd rights. I only remain so that I can stay up-to-date on what they are really doing......

    GOA, CCRKBA and the Second Amendment Foundation are all connected and, governed by the philosophy practiced by GOA, are "NO COMPROMISE" organizations, who really do have the 2nd Amendment Rights as their basic cause. I gladly afffiliate with each of these organizations. If it weren't for my already paid Life status with NRA, I wouldn't be a member.....
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    May 26, 2007
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    I don't care how great they are.....their site is so pathetic it's laughable. It comes across as a rinky-dink, one-man operation. They need to put some dollars into site design. They need to put some "design" into the site. I'm sorry if this seems harsh, but, it's the truth.

    They could do it by hiring a college intern who's familiar with Joomla (a free program - web based) and make a knock-out site. If it's a dollar issue, then, they really need to bump up their annual rates (if they're really that good an organization, members won't mind paying a bit more for a better site.

    First impressions are everything - and GOA is not impressive. Although, it could be, and should be.
  12. Marlin T

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    Jul 8, 2005
    New Mexico
    Wayne LaPierre on project exile:

    First, we believe in absolutely gun-free, zero-tolerance, totally safe schools. That means no guns in America's schools, period ... with the rare exception of law enforcement officers or trained security personnel. The National Rifle Association believes in no unsupervised youth access to guns, period. We have a lways supported holding adults responsible for willfully and recklessly allowing access to firearms. So we support mandatory penalties for juvenile criminals caught carrying guns. But out of the thousands of these armed teen thugs, we believe the Clinton Justice Department should have prosecuted more than just 3 in 1997 and 8 in 1998. That's not zero tolerance.

    We believe that a lawful, properly-permitted citizen who chooses to carry a concealed firearm not only deserves that right, but is a deterrent to crime. We support the right to carry because it has helped cut crime rates in all 31 states that have adopted it ... with almost no abuse of any kind
    by the lawful citizens who took the courses, submitted to the background checks, passed the tests and became part of a proud citizens movement that's making America a safer place to live. The truth is, very few actually choose to carry a gun -- but the bad guys don't know which few they are.

    Dissect that sentence by sentence and tell me that you support a group that is more than willing to pursue ‘common sense’ gun control, right along with the Democrat party.

    The thing that really got me was when Halbrook said something like, MR. HALBROOK: “

    Suggested reading,
    The NRA Has Lost Its Way, the list of suggested reading is so long that I won’t even start making a links page. However, if you really want to know why the NRA is a total fraud, the information is out there.

    So I hope that if you are considering joining a Pro Second Amendment organization, you start to look somewhere else besides the NRA if you really want to stand FOR the Second.
  13. glocknut

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    GOA gets my support. The heck with the NRA...

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  14. Trek Jeff

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    Nov 23, 2008
    The NRA supported the Veterans Disarmament Act (HR 2640) the GOA opposed it. You can take all the efforts the NRA has made over the years and with that one move, flush it right down the toilet
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    Jun 30, 2005
    Curious how posts here reflect internal disputes within the NRA that led to the formation of the GOA......

    Also remember, until 1968 (or thereabouts), the NRA's "mission statement" was to "promote the education and training of citizens in firearms skills "...... It was only after the sales and ownership of firearms became more politicized that organizations like the GOA arose.

    IMO, there's room enough, and threat enough, for all to conflict. >MW
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