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    Jul 13, 2007
    Nudist Shopping Event planned at El Paso Saddleblanket

    El Paso Saddleblanket owner Dusty Henson today announced a special
    shopping event for naturalists (nudists) at his eastside store where
    prior activities have been held for dog lovers, Indian stuff fans,
    left-handed people, and those of different astrological signs, among

    "We thought we'd sneak in this special shopping day for nudists
    before it gets too cold. It's tough to shop when the nipples chill
    up and the willies kind of dive for cover," Henson said.

    Naturalists will be provided an area to disrobe at the entrance of
    the store, and shop at their leisure, "though they'll need to tuck
    their credit cards or cash away where they can easily retrieve it at

    "It should be a great event," said Henson, "and one of the few where
    we won't have to be alert for shoplifters, except for small items."
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