Obama field agents mugged the Ohio TEA Party and duped the Columbus Dispatch

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    Mar 23, 2010
    More than 1000 people attended a peaceful TEA Party rally outside the office of Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy (D), in Columbus, Ohio, on 3/16/2010. Then, Obama, the DNC, and SEIU (union) sent in their Field Agents to disrupt the rally. (Proven by photosgraphs.)

    Obama’s field agents and community organizers successfully diverted news stories to focus on confrontations caused by the field agents. The next day (3/17/2010), the Columbus Dispatch declared “WAR OF WORDS” on its front page, with a picture of field agent, Harold Elder, shouting at the TEA Party. Mr. Elder is a known operative for Obama and the Democratic National Committee. However, the Columbus Dispatch only identified Mr. Elder as a man from Columbus, Ohio. Then BackgroundSearch,com published photos, which proved that Harold Elder is Obama’s agent, including a photo of Mr. Elder posing with President Obama’s limousine. On the internet, Mr. Elder describes himself as a Change Agent and Community Organizer for Obama.

    Police states, like Iran, employ the tactics used by Obama to suppress their own internal dissent. Is Amerika next? For the article, background search, and photos.
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    I can believe it. Welcome to TFF shaylee and thanks for the link. The TEA Parties I have been to have been peaceful. I thought something like this would happen soon enough and here it is.
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