Obomba cabinet changes?

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    Typical for this administration, nobody knows what the others are doing.

    I can just imagine Clinton is tired of being Sec. of State. I wonder if she knows, she's tired?

  3. Bobitis

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    I doubt she's tired. She was 1st Lady for 8 years after all.
    And I think she's smart enough to read the writing on the wall.
    We heard from Condi Rice ALL the time, but Hillary seems to be gagged.

    She'll jump ship with the rest of them, and have an excuse as well. I could be wrong, but I think she's too smart to remain on a sinking ship.

    Obie gave her a position in order to control her. They both know this.
    She'll be given an easy out, the public will suck it up, and 'quitter' will never be mentioned.
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    I would venture to say that we ill se more of this before Obama's term is up. I think with the Wiki Leaks thing and with Obama'a obviouse love for Third world Arabs, not to mention China, I'd say the Rats are heading for dry ground. Keep a Weathered eye on these poltician though, if you see a bunch of em goin overseas or leaving the US for extended vacations or for a change of scenerey, then its time to Lock and Load.
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    She is just positioning herself for the 2012 election.
  6. Maybe I am a wee bit biased but if I were king I would make these changes New Years day.

    Department of State
    Secretary John Bolton

    Department of the Treasury
    Secretary Eric Rasmussen

    Department of Defense
    Secretary Robert M. Gates

    Department of Justice
    Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli

    Department of the Interior
    Secretary (Need to find another Theodore Roosevelt)

    Department of Agriculture
    Secretary Tommy George Thompson

    Department of Commerce
    Secretary Ron Paul

    Department of Labor
    Combine it with Dept. of Commerce

    Department of Health and Human Services
    Secretary Thomas Allen "Tom" Coburn

    Department of Housing and Urban Development
    Combine it with Dept. of Agriculture

    Department of Transportation
    Combine it with Dept. of Agriculture

    Department of Energy
    Secretary Dr. Charles D. Ferguson

    Department of Education
    Eliminate department

    Department of Veterans Affairs
    Secretary General James T. Conway, if he screws up the troops the way past administrations have then shoot him and appoint the next general in line.

    Department of Homeland Security
    Eliminate department

    Take away status of Cabinet-rank:

    White House Chief of Staff

    Environmental Protection Agency

    Office of Management & Budget

    United States Trade Representative

    United States Ambassador to the United Nations

    Council of Economic Advisers

    Hey, a fellow can dream can't he?

    Day 2 of the New Years, eliminate ALL Czars and their departments.

    Day 3 of the New Years, combine all foreign intelligence agencies and mandate that they work closely with all of the combined domestic intelligence agencies. One Boss, One Computer system, One chain of Command.

    Day 4 combine all federal law enforcement agencies under the FBI, same mandate, one boss, one computer system, one chain of command.

    Day 5 shut down all land borders and make congress sit until there is a uniform immigration and visa system in place that treats everybody the same. The loss of international business will have millions of business men screaming and holding the flames of hell to the feet of their Representatives
    and Senators.

    Day 6 have a complete phyisical to have all of the knives, hatchets, bullets, poison pellets removed from my poor aching body.

    Day 7 sleep the sleep of the just in a great nation, the screams of lobbyists petty politicians, crooked businessmen and out of work bureaucrats would be music to my ears.

    Next 3 months put out fires and flame wars and try not to grin and giggle in public to much.
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    I should have read what Fox News posted before I jumped in.

    There's "could" and "may" in there when it comes to Hillary C; pure speculation.

    Makes good press; keeps things stirred up.

    Scratch that BINGO! bit.
  9. Gun Geezer

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    IMHO the rats are deserting the sinking ship. Anyone with future political ambitions would be smart to distance themselves from the messiah.

    In a move certain to fuel the debate over Obama's qualifications for the presidency, the group "Americans for Freedom of Information" has Released copies of President Obama's college transcripts from Occidental College . Released today, the transcript school indicates that Obama, under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia as an undergraduate. The transcript was released by Occidental College in compliance with a court order in a suit brought by the group in the Superior Court of California. The transcript shows that Obama (Soetoro) applied for financial aid and was awarded a fellowship for foreign students from the Fulbright Foundation Scholarship program. To qualify, for the scholarship, a student must claim foreign citizenship.
    This document would seem to provide the smoking gun that many of Obama's detractors have been seeking. Along with the evidence that he was first born in Kenya and there is no record of him ever applying for US citizenship, this is looking pretty grim. The news has created a firestorm at the White House as the release casts increasing doubt about Obama's legitimacy and qualification to serve as President article titled, "Obama Eligibility Questioned," leading some to speculate that the story may overshadow economic issues on Obama's first official visit to the U.K. In a related matter, under growing pressure from several groups, Justice Antonin Scalia announced that the Supreme Court agreed on Tuesday to hear arguments concerning Obama's legal eligibility to serve as President in a case brought by Leo Donofrio of New Jersey. This lawsuit claims Obama's dual citizenship disqualified him from serving as president. Donofrio's case is just one of 18 suits brought by citizens demanding proof of Obama's citizenship or qualification to serve as president.

    Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation has released the results of their investigation of Obama's campaign spending. This study estimates that Obama has spent upwards of $950,000 in campaign funds in the past year with eleven law firms in 12 states for legal resources to block disclosure of any of his personal records. Mr. Kreep indicated that the investigation is still ongoing but that the final report will be provided to the U.S. Attorney general, Eric Holder. Mr. Holder has refused to comment on the matter...

    Subject: RE: Issue of Passport?

    While I've little interest in getting in the middle of the Obama birth issue, Paul Hollrah over at FSM did so yesterday and believes the issue can be resolved by Obama answering one simple question: What passport did he use when he was shuttling between New York, Jakarta, and Karachi?

    So how did a young man who arrived in New York in early June 1981, without the price of a hotel room in his pocket, suddenly come up with the price of a round-the-world trip just a month later?

    And once he was on a plane, shuttling between New York, Jakarta, and Karachi, what passport was he offering when he passed through Customs and Immigration?

    The American people not only deserve to have answers to these questions, they must have answers. It makes the debate over Obama's citizenship a rather short and simple one.

    Q: Did he travel to Pakistan in 1981, at age 20?
    A : Yes, by his own admission.

    Q: What passport did he travel under?
    A: There are only three possibilities.
    1) He traveled with a U.S. ... Passport,
    2) He traveled with a British passport, or
    3) He traveled with an Indonesia passport.

    Q: Is it possible that Obama traveled with a U.S. Passport in 1981?
    A: No. It is not possible. Pakistan was on the U.S. .. State Department's "no travel" list in 1981.

    Conclusion: When Obama went to Pakistan in 1981 he was traveling either with a British passport or an Indonesian passport.

    If he were traveling with a British passport that would provide proof that he was born in Kenya on August 4, 1961, not in Hawaii as he claims. And if he were traveling with an Indonesian passport that would tend to prove that he relinquished whatever previous citizenship he held, British or American, prior to being adopted by his Indonesian step-father in 1967.

    Whatever the truth of the matter, the American people need to know how he managed to become a "natural born" American citizen between 1981 and 2008.

    Given the destructive nature of his plans for America, as illustrated by his speech before Congress and the disastrous spending plan he has presented to Congress, the sooner we learn the truth of all this, the better.

    If you Don't care that Your President is not a natural born Citizen and in Violation of the Constitution, then Delete this, and then lower your American Flag to half-staff, because the U.S. Constitution is already on life-support, and won't survive much longer.

    If you do care then Forward this to as many patriotic Americans as you can, because our country is being looted and ransacked!

    Just another routine day in sunny Florida
  10. :D Oh please let it be, oh please let it be played out in public in the full light of day and not hidden in the dark recesses of secrecy so beloved by our senior politicians and civil servants. Oh please Supreme Court have the stones to ask the hard questions and make the right decision if he really is ineligible. Better yet play the hearings on prime time TV. I want to hear the cries of anguish from all the little Obamanites as they writhe in pain and agony. Prove that the system works...Please.
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    I thought it was Monica who was "gagged"? ;)
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    Old Hillary is getting ready to jump. In Washington they always leak what they are going to do. Why I don't really know they just do. The Old gal is going to make an end run around this dismal failure OBama. Old Hillary and Lonesome Bill are real snakes they are going after Obama. The move will be so smooth Obama won't feel it until its over. THe Left wants the return of Lonesome Bill even if it has to be thru is Blind Wife.:D
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    I sent this email to many of my friends. One of them wrote me back along with mag. article saying it's all a hoax. Darn, you can't believe anything you read on the webb anymore!:eek:
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