October Surprize

Discussion in 'The Fire For Effect and Totally Politically Incorr' started by AL MOUNT, Oct 1, 2012.


    AL MOUNT Active Member

    Oct 9, 2006
    Cleaning my Thompson in The Foothills of the Ozark
    I am honestly worried about the outcome of this election for President.... :(

    I am hoping and praying "Someone" has got some kind of Oct. suprize bomb shell to drop on Obama and the Democrats. :eek:

    Has anybody heard any rumors ??? :confused:

    "Worried in Missouri"
  2. Telcotech

    Telcotech Member

    Aug 6, 2008
    North Central Iowa
    Just waiting for the DABates'.......should be some good entertainment!! That should reveal any October surprise!!
  3. Old Grump

    Old Grump New Member

    Feb 21, 2010
    Little hut in the woods near Blue River Wisconsin
    Facts are out there but if they are negative about the president the media ignores it and the courts wouldn't act on it anyway. If its not totally positive about Romney the press paints it gory **** brindle brown and runs it for all its worth. Unless the White House Resident gets caught in the White house limousine buggering a couple of boys the press won't say anything. The unemployed minorities mindless and ignorant get free phones to buy their vote and those who still have jobs get a tax increase only its not a tax because the resident says it's not a tax. Never mind the polls, the only one that counts is the one in November.
  4. firefighter1635

    firefighter1635 Well-Known Member

    Jan 4, 2012
    FEMA Region V
    Me too man, me too. Hang in there and have faith.
  5. Buckshot

    Buckshot Active Member

    May 5, 2009
    Southern AZ
    Yep, unfortunately Mitt isn't running against Obozo. He's running against the mainstream media. And it's up hill every step of the way. $#%@#! sons a bitches.

    Even so, my honest opinion is that unless Mitt really steps on his johnson between now and the election, he will win. And we will all breathe a huge sigh of relief. There's no question that a number of extremely serious issues we would face as a country under four more years of Obozo would quickly fade away. However, that does not mean we are out of the woods. Far from it. We are facing an economic collapse that may well be inevitable no matter who is in the big chair.
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  6. jack404

    jack404 Former Guest

    Jan 11, 2010
    everything that has happened has been white washed by the media , you dont need a lone gunman ya need a dedicated team to create a heap of media vacancies

    ( its a reference to a story folks ,not a incitement to do bad stuff , a rewrite if you will

    but highly appropriate if i do say so .... )

    media is taking you all down the tubes , just like to so called press of the former czar and surrounding states , they thought they where getting what they wanted , they got the gulag..

    like many ,

    those they did not outright assassinate and they numbered in the hundreds of thousands with thousands more dead, collateral damage, in the factional fighting .. millions homeless and starving in winter

    how it all repeats

    lenin called for CHANGE !!!!!!!

    Stalin cryed out.. reaching ... "FORWARD!!!"
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