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    Oh Yeah Grump......
    Pickled Herring....in white sauce or not !!!!!
    You have a good recipe for pickled eggs ???
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    This is the way I do it, if you have a civilized tummy you might want to cut back on the peppers. If your belly is cave man tough toss in a couple of ramps in with the eggs and wait the full 90 days.

    1 gallon.boiled eggs,peeled.
    4 cups 5% vinegar
    4 cups water
    10bay leaves
    1/4 cup sea salt
    1 cup whole dried chili petines (also known as Bird Pepper)
    1/4 cup mustard seeds
    4 tbs turmeric
    Fill gallon jar with eggs,

    Mix water and vinegar, add all dry ingredients and bring to boil. Pour vinegar mix over the eggs. Then cover and let cool on the counter to room temperature. Seal jar and refrigerate for 30 days or so. 90 days is better but usually I just can’t wait longer than 30 days. Once they have done their time in the back of the refrigerator go ahead and put them on the counter, they will not go bad and you will need the space in the refrigerator for your next batch.

    I use a little of the old vinegar mix to top off my jar after I put the hot mix in so my vinegar mix is slowly getting stronger. I don;t know if this is good or bad but as time goes on I have to share less and less of my eggs and I get more for me.

    Alternate one is mash a couple up, mix with a dab of Dijon mustard, spoon full of mayonnaise, and sweet pickle relish for a couple of tart egg salad sandwiches. Alternate use two is if you like scotch eggs use the pickled eggs for a different flavor.

    What do you mean do I have a recipe for pickled eggs?

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