Ohio prepares to bear arms

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    Sep 1, 2003
    Ohio prepares to bear arms

    Posted 4/7/2004 from The Cincinnati Enquirer printer friendly version

    "Sheriffs in Greater Cincinnati have distributed hundreds of applications to people who want to carry concealed firearms and instructors have been flooded with Ohio gun owners who want to take training to get such a license.

    But officials said they still don't know what to expect Thursday, the first day county sheriffs can start processing requests for Ohioans who want to be licensed to carry a concealed gun.
    'We could have a trickle or a flood of applicants,' said Clermont County Sheriff A.J. Rodenberg.

    In Warren County, Sheriff Tom Ariss, whose office will not distribute applications until Thursday morning, said the day 'will be a significant day in law enforcement.'

    In January, Ohio become the 37th state to enact a law allowing residents who pass a gun safety course and a criminal and mental competency background check to carry a concealed handgun. Kentucky and Indiana are among states with similar laws."

    You can read the complete story at:

    400-600 expected today in Toledo alone! :cool:
  2. Marlin

    Marlin *TFF Admin Staff Chief Counselor*

    It's about time and so long overdue.

    Glad you finally won your rights, Buckeyes!

  3. Remington597

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    Feb 24, 2004
    Congradulations. You live in Ohio. A victory indeed!!!
  4. My class starts wednesday...;) Then I bee's armed-n-safe...:cool:
  5. armedandsafe

    armedandsafe Guest

    I like the sound of that. :D:D:D

  6. Figgered ya would Pops!...Sure hate ta have ta sit through 2 days, 6 hours each though!...;)
  7. armedandsafe

    armedandsafe Guest

    I've taken them and I've taught them. In each case, there is not enough time alloted for questions from the students. Just get in as many as you can. This is one subject about which you CAN'T know too much.

  8. Pops, The onliest question i'm gunna bee askin' is..."When are we go'in ta the range"...;)
  9. armedandsafe

    armedandsafe Guest

    Get the law on citizen arrest and felony in progress down pat. They are your kevlar vest, should you ever have to defend yourself.

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