oil spill workers a help to medical science

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  1. Mother Margaret

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    May 6, 2004
    Valdez, Alaska
    Richard needs prayer to see his ailing father before he dies.

    Somewhere in Louisiana there is a medical facility that is trying to diagnose why Richard collapsed ... why his red blood cell count is so low he shouldn't be walking around. (One cause of grande mal seizures is lack of oxygen, by the way)

    He and others who worked the Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup can give medical science a valuable comparison to other groups whom I also suspect are harmed by 2-butoxyethanol I am talking about the common cause of fatigue that has been eluding medical science: the fatigue by the immune system going awry and prematurely destroying the red blood cells.

    Check this for all with 'gulf war syndrome' symptoms regardless of when the fatigue began; check it for those with CFS and CFIDS, ME & similar descriptions of these multiple, odd symptoms. Even MAYO clinic has seen some of these workers and is 'stumped' on what is going on. But should that surprise us? How much time and money and effort has gone into the study of the harm to the gulf war vets of 1990, and even with this chemical on the list of solvents & pesticides that has harmed them, it is still not suspect.

    Also known as ethylene glycol monobutyl ether ... this chemical is in hundreds of products used by the public ... it is NOT SAFE. But, the warnings are not heeded

    Why is medical information from those known harmed to 2-butoxyethanol so important? Because it masks itself in so many multiple other ailments that it has been getting away with a lot of harm, and other ailments are given the 'credit' ... skewing medical studies BIG TIME! Remove all those with too many immature red blood cells from the prostate cancer research results and see what is left!

    What odd assortment of symptoms would someone have?

    Compensated Hemolytic Anemia will be evidenced by too many immature red blood cells (Reticulycite ratio will be off) and what is the size and shape of the red blood cells? (Do a manual cound of th e White Blood Cells, if there are too many immature red blood cells... also expect a lot of other tests to give false OK's like the liver test, for instance.

    Immune System is prematurely destroying the red blood cells & possibly other organs/glands, too; you would catch whatever sicknesses were out there, and they would last longer for you, too

    Bone Marrow Compensates by making more red blood cells, but they are low functioning - Thus the FATIGUE shows up ... within 2 days from too much exposure - It will underlie all other health ailments. (These blood cells don't become mature and can't store and help the body utilize the iron ... the oxygen) Paralysis possible

    Disrupts the glandular system - Endocrine Disruption high or low blood pressure, high or low blood sugar (auto-immune pancreas?), metabolic imbalance (check thyroid when kidney stones show up)

    Targets Kidneys - Blood in urine

    Targets Liver Tests are off when there are too many immature red blood cells

    Damages Central Nervous System Very irritable personality changes, all-the-time depression, difficulty sleeping, suicidal tendencies, short term memory loss, difficulty concentrating. Note also that those chemically overexposed, or poisoned look OK, but they are not ok

    Muscular and skeletal Systems Including joints. Eventually bones don't heal

    Dries skin Warning signs will say that it 'defats' the skin. It kills fat cells leaving behind 'leathery' skin. Also the internal skin, from the esophagus, to the stomach, to the intestines: cracks and rashes that can lead to infection or even cancer. It reminds me of what accutane does. Why would anyone deliberately remove moisture from their body for the rest of their lives ... in an effort to dry up acne?

    Eye Damage Can become 'legally blind' from holes in the retina. Melanoma eye cancer possible.

    It is a teratogen It damages the unborn; premature births to the point that the child can not survive; it damages the testes and can cause zero sperm Also, the quality and quantity of sperm in our men nationwide has been diminishing at 2% per year for the last 40 years or so. This chemical should be considered as a cause. People coming down with brain tumors today should also consider whether their parents were overexposed to 2-butoxyethanol ... such as Thelma

    Cancers Leukemias, lymphomas, tumor of the brain, kidney cancer, liver cancer, thyroid cancer, and other glands, such as pancreas ... Also prostate cancer and ovarian cancers.

    Horrible headaches Pituitary headaches?

    What else do we need to learn about 2-butoxyethanol? Many are harmed by this chemical. It is so prevalent, I believe everyone must know someone and are at risk for harm themselves!

    PRAYER TO AGREE WITH for these

    Hazardous professions: painters, plasitics and dry cleaning business, oil clean up and home clean up products; those living near airports (jet fuel additives #s 2-6 are listed as pesticides by EPA)

    Worst exposure: vapors in one's eyes
    Simple Green example I understand that DAWN has a spray version for cleaning pots 'n pans. I'd be very careful if I used that product and would suggest getting chemical goggles before doing so. Same for mechanics who might spray CLP or de-rust products or use brake fluid.

    Second hand solvent exposure possible for children, spouses, those in small areas where those harmed frequent (doctors' offices, museums, shopping malls, marathon racers)

    As an aside, there is a book being released July 15, 2004 on the effects of the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Its emphasis is more on the environment; however, there are worker issues, too
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  2. Remington597

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    Feb 24, 2004
    After reading your threads, I get the distinct feeling that you've been interviewed by Stone Philips on Dateline NBC.

  3. Tony Mig

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    Jul 5, 2003
    The Sorprano State
    Heck, I've been exposed to so much bad stuff in my life, I'm surprised I'm still here......

    Chemicals from the landscaping industry.....

    I spent a summer spraying Malathion to control mosquitos.....

    Been a professionl fire fighter for the last 20 years that has exposed me to a laundry list of hazardous fumes and chemicals.........

    ...and I live in New Jersey......

    We all want to take advantage of all the modern convienences that chemicals, and petrolium bring us, but love to complain when they make a mess or make us sick.....

    As long as I willingly drive a large gas guzzling 4X4 pickup truck, and spread weed & feed on my lawn, I refuse to be a hipocrite and whine about the damages and evils of these chemicals.......
  4. Mother Margaret

    Mother Margaret Former Guest

    May 6, 2004
    Valdez, Alaska
    thanks for your comments

    Sorry but I don't know why you think so. However, I would like to participate on the next 'gulf war syndrome' panel, because I do think the ethylene glycol monobutyl ether chemical family is the cause of the harm to these soldiers ... and by the way, today's soldiers, too! Regardless of what others think ... all the things that can harm our soldiers ... this chemical does ALL of the harm the note, by itself!
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  5. 1952Sniper

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    Aug 22, 2002
    Spouses? What the heck does being married have to do with it? And the rest of this statement makes no sense either. Marathon racers? WTF?
  6. Mother Margaret

    Mother Margaret Former Guest

    May 6, 2004
    Valdez, Alaska
    Second hand solvent exposure

    If you will check back in a couple of days, I'll look up the web pages where I explore this topic. Check links on this page

    Cuddling with your honey

    Being in a crowded shopping mall

    Running a museum where many gulf war vets came

    Running in a 1979marathan race

    All these are true story examples of second hand solvent exposure to what I suspect is the ethylene glycol monobutyl family of chemicals

    The solvents, and most particularly ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, are expelled for a time through one's breath. Thus, those closest to you are at risk for getting it in their eyes, which is the worst possible exposure to this solvent.

    Gulf war vets wanted to know why their spouses were coming down with the same symptoms (gulf war syndrome' symptoms) and most especially why the little children who were born before the war were, too. Have you ever noticed where a child's eyes are in relationship to one's breath ... when a child is being held?

    How close is a spouse to their mate at night? Skin to skin contact ... breath in one's eyes ... They will notice their eyes burn and hurt mostly in the morning and most likely blame allergies for it. It is second hand solvent exposure!

    These other examples of exposure, have been reported, as well.
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  7. inplanotx

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    Jan 28, 2002
    Neptune to uRanus, beam me up!

    Yup, probably catch it from sitting on the same toilet seat too! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Makes all pillows, sheets, comforters, mattresses and box springs hazardous materials also! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Now we have hazardous waste, can we really dispose of our washing machines in the local dump? Is the EPA aware of this? Should we sue the government? If we sue the government, aren't we really suing ourselves since we are the government and the taxes are what it would come out of?

    I am a Vietnam vet and well aware of what went on over there; I served in I Corps. I served my country and got out after I did what my contract espoused. I hold no grudges and I will not blame anyone but me for what happens afterwards. I am in an industry that uses hazardous materials and have been around them for 30 years, yet I'm okay! I have stuck my hands in TCE for years. No problems at this time. Maybe after I'm dead you can dissect me and find something wrong, but you will have to ASSUME where it came from. We all that that infamous word ASSUME don't we. It makes an A$$ out of U and ME! Been stuck in traffic lately for hours on end? Guess what you're breathing? Dream on, just another pot stirrer looking for sympathy!

    I do believe that some things happened in the Gulf that really did affect our boys, however, your chemical analysis, I do not feel is correct. I feel that these fine boys were in fact the recipient of chemical weapons residue and not your local radiator antifreeze or its byproducts.
  8. Mother Margaret

    Mother Margaret Former Guest

    May 6, 2004
    Valdez, Alaska
    This theory is can be proven!

    This chemical, 2-butoxyethanol, also known by other names, such as butyl cellusolve - the Dow Chemical trademark for it in Simple Green, etc ....

    DOES all the harm that the gulf war syndrome vets have ... all by itself

    This chemical should not be suspect, however, unless the 'retic ratio' shows too many immature red blood cells. If all the 'gulf war syndrome' vets and the CFS and CFIDS groups have too many immature red blood cells, BINGO, by theory is proven. They don't all have too much of anything else all alike except FATIGUE that the doctors can't find. Look here!

    Why would this be fatigue? ... & not show up in the other blood tests?
    Compensated hemolytic anemia
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  9. Mother Margaret

    Mother Margaret Former Guest

    May 6, 2004
    Valdez, Alaska
    PS ... as to who is responsible?

    It ain't us

    The USA has no idea - and is totally uneducated in the harm of 2-butoxyethanol. http://www.valdezlink.com/usa_hoodwinked.htm

    I'd say the chemical companies care more for corporate profits than they care about human life ... they have a pretty good idea what this chemical does, and they have been using it more and more as the years go on.

    Only the public through the Congress can stop them; and when people realize they are are at risk for such serious, unnecessary harm ... they will send up a LOUD cry that Congress will respond to

    The chemical companies are more powerful than the President of the USA or EPA or anyone else, for that matter.

    Some are treading on thin ice to not give proper risk warnings and to leave the ingredient off the public information. NEGLIGENT FAILURE TO WARN for starters with Dow Chemical's Simple Green and Paint company products, etc, etc!

    Let me share about a sweet lady who is now retirement age in IL. She came down 2 years ago with diagnosis of low red blood cell anemia and her doctor is giving her procrit shots (she did not have chemo-therapy). She also has joint problems with loss of cartilage, high blood pressure, high blood sugar (more likely endocrine disruption, not diabetes per se) and kidney problems. I said to my friend who merely cleaned her house faithfully over the years with Lysol Tub 'n Tile, "Are you also growchy, too?"

    By the way, Lysol Tub 'n Tile has 2-2-butoxyethanol and its own pesticide number registration with EPA. Now, if she has too many immature red blood cells, all these ailments & more would be more probably exposure to this chemical than anything else.

    Many household cleaning products have too much of this chemical as a component, making it unsafe for home use.

    As for me, I'm waiting for the evidence to come in.
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  10. 1952Sniper

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    Aug 22, 2002
    I think you make a broad and incorrect assumption here. Like it or not, our society is full of chemicals. We cannot enjoy the quality of life we have today without chemicals. And guess what. Every single chemical and artificial material we use has some sort of health impact. Should we turn our back on technology and go back to the stone age just to avoid it? You seem to preach on and on about how chemical companies and our government are evil and care nothing about human life. I call BS. You just have a narrow focused agenda and are unwilling/incapable of seeing the bigger picture.

    If you want to hide from everything in the world that can harm you, fine. You can try it. But it ain't possible. Heck, a lot of the plants God put on this earth are dangerous too. You gonna sue him too? He didn't provide a warning label either. If you eat a poisonous plant, does make Him criminally negligible? If you spend time under the sun that He hung in the sky and get skin cancer, do you think you have a case?

    Sheesh. :rolleyes:
  11. Mother Margaret

    Mother Margaret Former Guest

    May 6, 2004
    Valdez, Alaska
    This chemical should not be ignored

    You have some good points

    My main point is, that although there are other things that can harm people, such as other things that harmed our gulf war vets in 1990 ... the price they are paying for this exposure - too much 2-butoxyethanol - is TOO high a price to pay

    We are in the stone ages if we ignore its harm, and credit only the secondary illnesses. That's bad medicine

    This chemical is an unnecessary cause of cancer and loss of life. So much harm to the family and our nation ... the price we are paying is incalcuable.

    The study I have done has taken much of my time these past 2 years, and I am hoping someone of influence picks up on it.

    Better yet, "Let's do a Study!"
    Just check 1,000 with high blood sugar & do extra survey and blood test to see if this 'regular' diabetes or in fact endocrine disruption that this chemical causes.
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  12. Mother Margaret

    Mother Margaret Former Guest

    May 6, 2004
    Valdez, Alaska
    Shopping Mall example of 2nd hand solvent exposure


    However, there is something else to consider. This solvent/pesticide/poison is also transmitted through the breath & in crowded areas, with many over exposed, such as in malls, museums, & most especially their own families ... this chemical overexposure can be transmitted thru the breath

    Consider that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Immune Diffenciency Syndrome and Gulf War Syndrome are pretty much the synonyms for the same thing!

    The worst exposure is the vapors in your eyes. You could probably drink the stuff ... without much harm, but getting misting of it in eye membranes and in the cuticle areas of your hands is the worst exposure.

    I saw a study by the World Health Organization that shared a wife complained to her husband that his breath was so awful (from whatever he did at work, I don't know) That he was breathing towards the dresser & away from her. After a year the finish came off of the dresser where he was breathing.

    I noticed on a healthboard forum that a young man's girlfriend would have burning itching eyes whenever he spent the night ... nothing else, just her eyes. Ian was his name, and I noted later that his bone marrow transplant did not work & he died. These do need bone marrow transplants if the exposure is too severe. If not done in time, the blood starts to be made in the peripheral organs and paralysis sets it (crushes the bones?)

    We had a chiropractor in our town who died this January. My theory is that his rare liver cancer was from the 2nd hand exposure of breathing the breath of those multiple workers who were exposed to the cleanup component, 2-butoxyethanol in the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup. He also did therapeutic massage ... so that would be skin to skin contact. In about 1992 he overcame melanoma eye cancer and had a glass eye put in; then in these recent years he developed melanoma liver cancer. Odd thing about this cancer was that it gave a false OK with the regular tests for liver. It wasn't until they put a camera in at his naval area and looked around that they found he was full of cancer in his liver and stomach and there was nothing he could do.

    At his memorial his wife shared. One comment she made was how he was short tempered. This was not the normal easy going temperament of our beloved peacemaker and 2 term city council member who displayed extreme control. (CNS damage) Our world is diminished by the loss of this doctor and so many, many others before their time.

    Did you know that gulf war vets spouses have come down with the same symptoms? Don't you think spouses breath each other's breath and touch each other's skin? What about the little ones that were lovingly caressed and hugged by mom or dad? They say that children already born were coming down with 'the symptoms' too

    Now, since exposure to 2-butoxyethanol is so rampant anyway, and then you add 2nd hand exposure on top of that, who's to say whether it is genetic or new exposure.

    I have concern for several in my family, but not from heredity, from exposure.

    This information is one of several threads shared with the gulf war vets and Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup workers, April 9, 2004

    Last week I heard of a dental patient's questions about changes in her health after visiting the dentist. This could also be an example of second hand solvent exposure.
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    LIKTOSHOOT Advanced Senior Member

    Apr 26, 2001
    Tunnel vision blinds some, doubt you have really considered all things in the GWS.......as in mercury. Tell me you have done research on that too??? Because all the problems you mention, reak of it.....more so than your biased 2-butoxyethanol. But I doubt you knew that the oil wells set on fire in the Gulf War produced more mercury into the atmosphere than any amount of coal fire power plants, oh darn, we have those here too. Your agenda is becoming boring at best.

  14. ibtrukn

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    May 13, 2001
    central N.J.
    As long as Augie makes it, IB drinks it........ :cool:
  15. Mother Margaret

    Mother Margaret Former Guest

    May 6, 2004
    Valdez, Alaska
    I get your drift

    Are you saying you think mercury could be a cause of chronic fatigue syndrome or 'gulf war syndrome?' ... or just that it is another chemical that harms (& that bioaccumulates)?

    One only needs to check to see that the harm experienced matches the harm that a chemical is known to cause.

    That is why I am focusing on ethylene glycol monobutyl ether (2-butoxyethanol). This chemical ALL BY ITSELF causes all of the 'gulf war syndrome' symptoms. AND it is an exposure that the gulf war troops had. Sadly we may again be poisoning our own troops with this common cleaning, degreaser product.

    I'm only a volunteer (You're getting the benefit of over 3,000 hours of my time ... over a 2 year time period). I hope someone can do something with this information. My theory is provable, however. I don't think you can be harmed by this chemical without having too many immature red blood cells. It is a $50 add on blood test.

    Consider this. There were 148 casualties of the first gulf war. .... Less than 1/10th of 1% of the force. By one account I saw, we are approaching 30% of all forces that have the 'gulf war syndrome' health issues. Many, many have died already. Out of 700,000 ... that's a lot of people harmed, and their protege.

    Shouldn't there be more success in getting an accurate diagnosis for these soldiers?

    Consider all the products that contain 2-butoxyethanol. No wonder CFS and CFIDS definitions are so much like that of 'Gulf War Syndrome' Our general population is at risk for too much exposure too. At 5% concentration, a product is not safe for home use!

    This must be an unrecognized national health crisis! All you have to do to check this out is to double check those with metabolic, blood, glandular, kidney or liver disorders - whether abnormal readings or cancer - and see how many in study groups also have TOO MANY IMMATURE RED BLOOD CELLS!
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