oil spill workers a help to medical science

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    What to share with YOUR doctor

    Fatigue that's hard to find - will the 'retic ratio' find it? Is it your immune system prematurely destroying your red blood cells?

    Look through this link, fill it out and share it with your doctor. There are so many odd, seemingly unrelated, symptoms with this chemical exposure
    Look this over and fill in what is applicable - Are there enough symptoms to check your 'retic ratio?'

    Ethylene glycol monobutyl ether (2-butoxyethanol) causes harm. AND it is in many, many products, so carefully avoiding exposure is important.

    First you want to know whether you have too many immature red blood cells www.valdezlink.com/check_blood.htm#retic I wish it were part of the routine blood test; also ask the size and shape of the red blood cells.

    This is the fatigue, I believe, of CFS and CFIDS and gulf war syndrome which would begin immediately upon too much exposure to this chemical and underlie all other symptoms, including leukemia. Headaches, bones aching, spleen enlarged ... & the full range of 'gulf war syndrome symptoms are what this chemical causes.

    There should also be compensated hemolytic anemia going on if this is so.
    When there are too many immature red blood cells other tests can be 'off'
    So everyone should know if this is a fatigue that affects them.

    I notice that 'gulf war syndrome'
    and effects of ethylene glycol monobutyl ether
    look the same




    www.valdezlink.com/gwv_symptoms.htm This chemical harms many people; however, the secondary symptoms get the credit: high blood sugar may be an autoimmune pancreas problem, representative of endocrine disruption, not diabetes per se, bones and skeletal and muscle and joint problems, etc

    I would also believe that there is a high incidence of CFS, CFIDS and symptoms similar to 'gulf war syndrome' symptoms among the entire population & believe the whole population should be given the survey for these symptoms AND the 'retic ratio' test to see if they have too many immature red blood cells. This is the 'signature' of this chemical's harm and it has been harming our people for over 50 years with no end in sight!

    This 2-butoxyethanol is a teratogen and per the World Health Organization is the cause of more tumor of the brain and leukemias in children of people so harmed by it. The CDC didn't start tacking brain tumors until 1977. It probably takes 30-40 years to show up ... so is this a modern day ailment from some type of chemical exposure?

    My thoughts in reply to this article http://www.valdezlink.com/cancer_reviewjournal.htm#thoughts

    Posted here
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    Good Lord... A person could spend two weeks just clicking on all the hyperlinks in this thread. :rolleyes:

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    Re: I get your drift

    May I respectfully suggest that you may want to try to get out more?

    Some of what you write--and seem to earnestly believe--is absolutely preposterous. A man's expiratory excretion of a solvent--powerful enough to strip furniture--did not leave the mucous membranes in his mouth and trachea completely wrecked? Please explain.
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    May 6, 2004
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    you have a couple good points

    My husband agrees with you ... I should spend my time on something that will make a difference - even if it's just cleaning house. He thinks nothing will change and I am wasting my time.

    And of course you are correct that mucous membranes would be affected (though to a lesser degree than the eyes or cuticle exposure areas). One worker of the Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup said he was having a second operation on his sinuses (not doing well); another had a massive nose bleed one night due to dry nasal passages. It makes you realize your mortality.

    In the study being referenced by the World Health organiztion this isn't mentioned; however, esophageal cancer is one of the cancers gulf war vets have come down with. I wonder what other things?

    There is such a thing as second hand exposure. I have several examples. The study by the World Health Organization (or whoever) is one I noticed first off. I think that the most serious exposure to this solvent is through one's eye membranes and thru the cuticle areas of one's hands. It would certainly dry out mucous membranes and I have heard of that, too.

    If you just put in the search word, 2-butoxyethanol, on one of the internet search engines it goes on for pages and pages and pages. Some know more than I do; I just work in the area of 'let's give credit where credit is due' and the practical aspects of learning about it. For instance has 2-butoxyethanol poisoning ever been given as the main cause of harm to someone, per the CDC?
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    May 6, 2004
    Valdez, Alaska
    Good points

    My husband agrees as does my family, that I spend too much time on this; however, many people are harmed by this chemical; and there is a greater good if it can be detected.

    The gulf war vets couldn't understand why spouses were coming down with the same symptoms ('gulf war syndrome' symptoms) ... even little children were coming down with the symptoms who were born before the soldiers' deployment to the war!

    Sinus passages, etc would dry out some; however, if the seasoned painter is correct, as I believe is the case, the primary route of exposure to this 2-butoxyethanol is the eye membranes and cuticle areas.

    Many others know about this chemical, just search on the internet. It goes on for pages and pages and pages ... I approach it from a 'lay person's perspective'

    It is very frightening actually.

    Note Sarah's concern, "I just went to the dentist!"

    Right now, I'm considering a study. I am waiting for the evidence to come it. This is a provable theory.
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