Ok how about THIS one U.S. R. Johnson Horse Pistol

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    Now I have a good look at that second cartouche, I think it is "SH" which could be Samuel Hawkins, Springfield Armory Sub-inspector, who worked around 1860-1862. Is there a date on top of the tang? If so, it is the conversion date.

    A lot of folks are more expert on that period than I, but I do have some old guns. The successor to the Model 1836 was the Model 1842, basically a made-as percussion version of the Model 1836, except with brass furniture instead of iron. Both were good, reliable guns, and the '42 was especially liked for its reliability and .54 caliber power even after revolvers came to be common. Many '36's, converted '36's and '42's were used in the Civil war, often being issued to militia units and support units so that the available revolvers could go to the front lines. One advantage they had over revolvers was that they used the standard musket cap.

    Antique and single shot as they are, I have little doubt that looking into the barrels of a brace of Model 1842's would tend to have a daunting effect on someone with ill intent.

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