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    Just had to crow a little bit.

    Being a natural born skeptic, when the .17 HMR was first heralded by the writer prostitutes in the gun rags, my inclination was to phoo-hoo the round as nothing more than a gimmick and would NEVER replace my .22 WMR's.

    Well, time to fess up!!

    Not able to withstand the thought of adding another caliber to the stable and having something more to play around with, I weakened and bought 2 replacement barrels - one for my Ruger 77/22 and a carbine barrel for my Thompson Center Contender.

    Had to inlett the barrel channel on the Ruger stock (Ruger wanted over $200 for a replacement stock so I wouldn't have to ruin the original). The Green Mountain 18 1/2" heavy and fluted blued barrel came with a set of shims for proper headspacing to the receiver. Guess what? Perfect fit without the shims! Topped the rifle with Burris "Z" rings on a Weaver base and installed a BSA 8x32x44 target scope with the turret mounted parallex adjustment knob.

    The T/C got fitted with a laminated thumbhole stock and forearm, a steel Tasco base w/ring set and a spare Leupold 3x9x44 scope (older model Vari-XII with longer tube body).

    Those little .17 holes are the dickens to clean and prep - hardest thing is handling those tiny patches with these sausage fingers. Both barrels have been shot enough now to lap them in and to settle them down.

    At the range yesterday, the Ruger is shooting groups that measured between .970" and .975" at 100 yds.

    The T/C is shooting between 1.150" and 1.430" groups. Don't know if I need to readjust the forearm hanger screws, or if this is as good as it's gonna' get with the rifle.

    One thing for sure - the little .17 caliber, 17 grain bullet is awfully wind sensitive! Anything over a mild puff of wind will radically move the groups to the downwind side.

    Anyway, if ya wanna' have some fun and suprising accuracy, why not gloom onto one and give it a try? Understand the CZ bolt guns are reasonably priced and good shooters!
  2. Well o.k.,...!

    Reckon I'll look around...fer one somewhere's...;)

  3. inplanotx

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    Jan 28, 2002
    Sounds great Kdub. Wish I were back in Chandler, might just go for it. However, here in Texas, them 20 mph + winds shift that little bugger about 5 feet at 100 yards. :D :D :D
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    May 13, 2001
    central N.J.
    Kdubya, $10 a box vs $10 a brick= no contest but wotta I no??:cool:
  5. z537z

    z537z New Member

    I agree

    And try 8 or 9 bucks/brick at Wallhell.

    Busted out those Winchester Xperts today. Man what I great hunting round those are. Looks like an ACTUAL hollow point. Some of them just kinda look like a small dimple was put in the top, you know? These things shred for maximum death potential.

    Dunno how accurate they are, I still like Federal bulk for plinking.

    Seems I got off topic, just had a great day today. It was warm, out shootin all day. Racked up quite a few critters.

  6. Hey!...

    Z...Good for you!...didn't clear up here until...I got lazy!...Glad ya had a good day!...[​IMG]
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    Hey, IB -

    Try around $7.65/box, plus shipping, from Midsouth Shooters Supply! Not a whole lot more expensive than the .22 WMR. I buy several bricks at a time and order with a bunch of other stuff, so the s&h really isn't too bad.

    Also, CCI and Remington are making them now - maybe competition will drive the price down to the .22 WMR level.
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