Old .22 Rifles

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  1. K75RT

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    I started collecting .22 many years ago, still pick one or two up as needed!

    Here is my Brno #1, just oozes old world craftmanship

    This is a BSA model 15 using a Martini action

    A Canadian made Cooey Model 75

    And a German GECO Model 1919
  2. K75RT

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    This is a Gewerhfabrik Danzig No. 2 made in what is now Gdansk in Poland but at the time it was Germany and called Danzig.

    A Husqvarna Model 55

    A Kroydon Model 223

    A nice old Marlin Model 100

  3. K75RT

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    This is a Marlin Model 81 which is pre-Microgroove rifling

    A Marlin Mounti made in 1956,IIRC

    This is a Soviet MC-12 made in 1961

    and this is a Meridan Model 10
  4. K75RT

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    A few Mossberg rifles, top one is a Model 44US CMP rifle, center rifle is a Model 35 Mossbergs first heavy barrel target rifle. The bottom rifle is a Model 46

    A nice Mossberg 144 w/10X scope

    A MINT Mossberg 46B(a)

    and my Remington 40X
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  5. K75RT

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    This was a mess when I got it the end of the bbl was bulged so I shortened it and recrowned the bbl and redid the stock. It is a Remington 511-P

    This is a CMP Remington 513T needs to be cleaned up

    my Remington Model 33

    a Romanian 1956
  6. K75RT

    K75RT Member

    A Savage Sporter

    A Stevens Model 416

    A Stevens Model 25

    and a Soviet TO3-08 made in 1934
  7. crooks420

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    Dec 23, 2010
    And my girlfriend thinks my 4 .22 cal rifles is three too many; "Why do you need another 22?"
    Nice collection you have there.

  8. K75RT

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    I have an outstanding wife and she has her hobbies and I have mine; occasionally she will ask me why I need another this or that; I reply it isn't a need as much as a want, if I want another .22 I'll get one...Love my Wife
  9. FEBIGER ARMS CO., MODEL #2, of New Orleans, LA, 22rf, pump-only, unmarked except for caliber, seial number is just under 7000, ca1909-1911.


    Last offered by Baker Guns and Forging Co. of Batavia, NY as their BATAVIA AUTOMATIC RIFLE, in their No. 4 1911 Catalog. Baker was financial backer and when Febiger failed in repayment they reclaimed all machinery and parts inventory. Sales of all 3 models ended after Savage Arms Co. threatened patent infringement suit. ALL models are difficult to find.

    This old guy (probably 100 years old now) has beautiful graining in its walnut stock and great looking diamond checkering. No cracks, dents, scratches on any wood or metal. Overall would grade NRA VG. Mechanically perfect but bore needs a good scrubbing.


    Got a bunch of old oddball .22s, mainly single-shots, but this is one of my favorite exceptions.

    Best regards ~ ~ ~ FFF
  10. mr.t7024

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    just curious would ya like to rebuild another hamilton! 978-42407024. :D
  11. Snakedriver

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    Mar 4, 2009
    SW. Florida
    1938 Remington 341

    Rem 341-007.jpg

    1942 Remington 512

    Rem 512_020.jpg

  12. Big Shrek

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    Nov 10, 2009
    NorthWest Florida
    1913 Marlin model 37 :D

    Oldest rifle I've ever owned, heck of a shooter, too :D
  13. My BSA 12/15 Martini action, single shot.
    This rifle was in a poor condition, but I spent some time, giving her some TLC.

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  14. nathan84

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    Jan 21, 2011
    Hello, Im new to the forum here and i do have some questions about a 1906 Savage pump action 22 i have. its not complete and i am either wanting to get the parts to fix it or just sell it as a parts gun. any ideas? it still has the pump forearm and barrel but is missing the rear stock and some of the internals to it. Ive been lookin online and it seems like it would cost more to fix it up than what you could buy one for. thanks
  15. 300 H&H

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    Apr 1, 2007
    I still live in Iowa and can attest to the fact the money made detassling seed corn here bought quite a few guns!:rolleyes::D

    Not quite as old as some here, this Remington 513 SP was made in 1946.


    Like the older rifles alot, Kirk
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