Old A$$ Pistol

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  1. grcsat

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    Oct 2, 2010
    Hi, What you have is a spanish copy of a s&w.
    The cal is the 38-largo even though it says 38-long.
    The stamps on the gun are in english only to add false prestage to a conterfit.
    There is vertualy no info on the manufactor of these guns . Most were built from 1922-1956 (varius models ect).

    Do Not Shoot This Gun.

    Even when in production these guns were deemed UNSAVE.
    These are classified by many as a use only once desposible gun.
    And yes the frame is cast iron.and yes they do blow up.

    Hope this clears up a few things.
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  2. Jim K

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    Dec 6, 2009
    No, those guns were not made for either .38 Long Colt or .38 ACP. All I have seen were chambered for .38 Special, but some have no shoulders in the chambers and will accept and fire .357 Magnum. And they were marked in English because the U.S. was the primary market, having no inconvenient proof laws and being (at that time) relaxed about liability.

    Some makers didn't even bother to learn the correct nomenclature of the cartridge that was supposedly to be used in their guns, hence the barrel legend.

    The guns were deliberately made as copies of S&W revolvers (though the internal lockwork was usually the cheaper Colt type), and were often advertised as being war surplus S&W's or made in an S&W plant overseas. Some had barrels marked "use SMITH & WESSON cartridges" with the end words very small.

    They are cheap, poorly made (though often nicely finished on the outside) and can be dangerous. Now anyone who has one and wants to shoot it can do that. And you can insist that they are top quality guns and that you or some ancestor fired one for years and it is accurate, functions perfectly, and is a true collectors item worth thousands of dollars. And you can believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy, also.


  3. grcsat

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    Oct 2, 2010
    Just dragged out my cheap spanish copy and on mine I can't close the cylinder on a rimmed cartridge.
    Looks like they made a few variations of the S&W.

    Also have another spanish copy of the same called an ORBEA which is identical to a S&W

    Reguardles I will not fire either one.

    No tooth fairy? Well there go my dreams.
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  4. Not for me to say not having gun in hand but if you can find brass for it light loads for plinking or the primer and plastic/wax plug trick for informal beer can shooting and irritating house hold mice might be an option if you can't bear the thought of hanging it on a wall.

    Not sure I would pass it along just in case somebody does stuff in a regular load of something and things go wrong. Some guns really should be retired.
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