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  1. I have a Ruger old army 45 cal. how to load it,how do you load it , I use grease on top of ball, is that ok or is their cleaner way? I load one 44 casing full of pyrodex, pistol , load ball, put wheel bearing grease over the ball,,, put cap on , fire,,,, nice pistol but a lot of time to reload,,, thanks all :)
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    Wheel bearing grease???

    Check out jack404 post; "so what about these" 11-13-10; in this forum.
    It's pretty good; and relates to your post.

    Check out the .454 conical from Baffalo Bullets; Dixie Gun Works..

    FYI: a .44 casing load of BP is about 35-39 gr.; depending on S&W or Colt casing.
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    I am an old-time cap-and-ball shooter. For the Old Army I load 30 grains of Pyrodex P and then place a Wonder Wad on top of the powder. A light tap with the rammer seats the wad squarely onto the powder. I then seat the ball on top of the wad.

    You don't need any grease if you use an under-the-ball wad like Wonder Wad. This has been my competition load for many years. Wonder Wads are much cleaner than grease, and never a flash-over. Try some Wonder Wads. You'll like them.
  4. thanks Steve just the answer i needed,, and yes I did check the post out thank you also 22 shot,, it's alot of fun ,, my friends at the range like it too,,, thanks again Merry Xmas to all Ray
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  5. I've been shooting a Ruger Old Army cap & ball revolver since the 70's. I started out using Crisco over the bullet but changed to wheel bearing grease when the Crisco began melting out of the cylinders under the extreme summer heat in Oklahoma.

    I cast my own .457 round balls and conical bullets. For plinking and close up the round balls work just fine. For hunting or ranges over 50 yards I prefer the conicals.

    I put as much BLACK POWDER in the chambers as possible to still be able to seat the bullets flush. This is not so much for the extra power but for the sake of consistancy. By keeping the powder charge constant it makes the bullets group in the same place shot after shot.

    I cast my own bullets, make my own percussion caps and shoot only real black powder. If you didn't want to go to the trouble of loading and then shooting black powder in the revolver then why did you buy it in the first place?
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    I agree with Night Driver. I load the chamber with a charge that allows the seating of the ball or bullet. I am not a target shooter so I don't fill the chamber with "Breakfeast Food". My choice load is 35 grs. of 3F/BP under a Lee .457 conical lubed with SPG thru a .456 sizing die. This bullet is than loaded with out wads or over grease. When shooting loads that need grease over the chamber, look at Mobile 1 a non-Petro lube sold at Auto Zone. The heavy Petro based lubes can blow back in to your pistols action combined with cap residue may cause some problems.

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