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    Mar 20, 2009
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    I have had this machete for about 60 years and thought I would just share it with you. My uncle brought it back from the Navy in 1946 along with a USN Mark 1 Dummy Training Rifle and gave them to me so my childhood buddies and I could better continue our play acting fights against the Axis forces. I got to play with the rifle but my parents felt the machete was better left at home, ha.

    It is marked "LEGITIMUS COLLINS & CO MADE IN USA NO 37". Most of the paper label still remains on the reverse side.

    It is just one of those things that has little value but many great memories.

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    Mar 25, 2001
    Yes that is probably a Mark II Navy Machete. They were made by many companies, and were not all absolutely identical in finish, markings, etc., but Collins was a major manufacturer of them.

    It is correct with a black "plastic" handle, but that sheath is probably a retro replacement. Some of the very EARLIEST ones were issued with leather sheaths, but most of them didn't last long in service especially in the tropics of the Pacific so were changed out to canvas ones that are considered "correct" for them.

    There was also two other types issued which was very similar, but the earlier USN Mark I had a 26" blade, and the other later type is called the "U.S 18" Machete" for obvious reasons. The Mark II's blade should be 22" long. How long is your blade?

    Actually, there a quite a number of these around, so the value has not escalated to what say a WWII US fighting knife or bayonet would see, BUT there is increasing interest in them with WWII collectors and it will probably be worth somewhere in the ballpark of $35-45, depending how bad you nicked up the blade fighting off all those despicable Japs in your happy childhood.:p:p:p

    Been there, DONE that.:p

    My Dad was pretty PO'd when my brother broke the blade on his Mark II Navy knife that he used as his hunting knife trying to throw it in the garage to see if he could stick it in the wall.

    And my uncle used to let my cousin and I "play" army with an old Remington Rolling Block in .43 Egyptian when I was a kid too, because "you couldn't get ammo for it."

    I CRINGE remembering what we did with his when I see what .43 Egyptian Rolling Blocks bring at shows NOW:eek:

  3. todd51

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    Mar 20, 2009
    Central, Ohio
    Thanks for the info Polish. The blade is an 18 incher and the "leather" sheath came with the machete back in '46 so I am thinking it was original. The blade is not beat up as I was not allowed to play with it or the Type 38 Jap and bayonet that you helped me proper identify last year. I however gave the '03 Dummy Rifle a rough life and promptly broke the stock. Dad glued it back together and it was returned to service, ha. It is just one of those things you hang onto for the memories and don't even think of selling.

    Have used many of the surplus machetes over the years. Presently have a well used Disston US 1943 that road with me on the quad. Seen many people try to use them as an axe and they won't take that abuse and it usually results in a broken blade.

    Thanks again.


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    May 14, 2012
    I know what you mean. My grandfather left me one just like your Collins and it was stolen a few years back. Let me know if you ever run across another one like it. call me anytime at 931-993-7768, Jim. I sent you a PM about it also.

    MK ULTRA New Member

    May 14, 2012
    Mr Todd

    My grandfather left me one just like that and it was stolen a few years back. I have looking for one like it to replace it.

    If you run across another one please let me know. I didn't know what brand it was untill I saw yours. I recognise the name on yours and it has the crown. They are great machete's. I hate it's gone.

    I am in N. Alabama at Zip 35749. You can email me at jmvenus@gmail.com or call at 931-993-7768.

    Thank you Jim

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