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  1. hey everyone, first time on so here goes. I have a early '94 that I can't seem to find any info on. It's got a 26" octagon barrel, "pistol grip", with a shotgun style butt.Serial number is 101624. I'm not sure what the proper name for the type of open sight it has is but it has 3 different flip up settings for diff. distances. The magazine is full length. On the barrel the words "nickel steel barrel- especially for smokeless powder", 30 W.C.F.,are stamped. On the bottom of the pistol grip is a medallion with a center screw with the words, "Winchester Repeating Arms Co." . I have looked in various sites, bought Flayderman's book, etc but can't find a 30-30 with these atributes.I can find octagon barrels, I can find pistol grips, but I can't find this combination. I would appreciate any ideas where to look, thanx.
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    I'm gonna move this to our Ask the Pros forum to make sure our experts see it. Good luck with your search. :)

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    Hi Noel.....welcome to TFF! :)

    You've got a very early Model 1894, made in 1897.....and, I think we've solved your mystery.

    The Standard Catalog of Firearms lists:

    "Model 1894 Sporting Rifle....26" round, octagon, or half-octagon barrrel in solid frame or takedown. Full, 2/3, or 1/2 magazines were available. Plain walnut straight or pistol-grip stock with crescent buttplate and plain capped forearm."

    It also lists a Model 1894 Fancy Sporting rifle.....basically the same gun but with a "Fancy walnut checkered straight or pistol-grip stock with crescent buttplate and checkered fancy capped forarm".

    Sooooo.....looks like you've got a Model 1894 Sporting Rifle, either Plain or Fancy, depending on the wood.

    Value, of course, depends on condition.....

    The Blue Book lists the value (U.S. $$$$) at:

    (% = the amount of original finish left)

    95% - $1,675
    90% - $1,350
    80% - $1,150
    70% - $925
    60% - $850

    BUT....add 40% for 1894-1898 antique mfg. (pre-148,000 Serial #).....that's YOU!

    And......add another 50%-75% for deluxe models (Fancy Model), depending on original condition (if that's what you have).

    And.....if yours is a takedown model, add another 20%

    CONGRATULATIONS Noel......looks like you're sitting on a small gold mine up there in beautiful B.C. :D :D :D
  4. Thanks Xracer for the input, I kind of had an idea about the Sporting rifle but didn't have quite enough info to nail the age down. My dad bought this rifle for $10.00 in 1960 and it's been my family since. I also have another '94 30-30 Trapper my dad got when he was 16. Growing up I watched both rifles bring down moose at diff.times as these are all he ever used,anyway I appreciate your time. You have a better than average day sir. keep 'er straight.
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    Hello Noel,

    This one doesn't get "antique" (1894-1898) status. According to the Cody Firearms Museum, the last "antique" model 1894 serial number was 53941. Yours was likely made closer to circa 1902. What you have is known as a "Deluxe Sporting Rifle". The "medallion" you refer to was known as the grip cap, and the rear sights were the No. 34 "Winchester Three-Leaf Express Sights". As Xracer noted, value depends on condition, but don't add the 40% for antique manufacture. However, I would add minimum of 80% for the deluxe model and the special order features you mentioned, specificaly the shotgun butt. You should very seriously consider getting a factory letter from the Cody Firearms Museum (cost is $55, phone # is 307.578.4031) to verify the original configuration of the rifle as it left the factory, as any deviation from this will negativly affect the value.
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    Your dad didn't buy that gun, he stole it!

    My only question is -= where was I at when they were selling old Winchesters for $10! Dang.

    I can remember back in the day when you could go to K Mart and buy a Model 760 Gamemaster Remington for $99 and you could buy a Model 94 Winchester 30-30 for $49.. The price of a new Remington 700 was $150

    So I guess $10 for a old used Winchester wasn't a bad price.
  7. I remember buying my Model 700 Remington BDL in 30-06 for $189.00 in the 1970s, Rifle. I added a mount, rings, and a Redfield 3x9 to it, complete with cost of mounting and bore sighting, for another $89.00 out the door. It's frightening how much the cost of firearms has risen in the last 30 years.
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    Back in 1971 I went to Grice Gun Shop in Clearfield PA with my dad and my uncle on a Friday night.

    At that time it was just a mom and pop store that sold everything in one location. I'm not even sure they had a gunsmith back then. But they did have everything from scopes to mounts and reloading supplies.

    My dad and uncle dickered for about a hour with the owner of the store.

    My Uncle hunted with a model 94 30-30 Winchester and had no luck with it since 1964.

    They ended up buying two Game Masters that night for $198 out the door.
    PA sales tax is 6 % - so they got it for about $90 each.

    The BDL Deluxe Models were about $15 more and they were pretty tight with their money back then.

    My dad bought a 2 x 7 x 32 Weaver Scope and mounts that night and my Uncle just bought a set of Weaver Scope mounts - because he had a old 8mm that was his father in laws rifle at home that had a Leupold scope on it.

    I remember see'n all the new rifles back then and dreaming of the day when I could walk in the store and buy any one of them I wanted. By the time I earned enough money to buy my own guns, Remington quit making the model 760!

    The first rifle I hunted with was that Model 94 Winchester that my Uncle owned and I never got a deer in 3 years of using it.
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    $189 was a good price for a new Remington in Colorado.

    Same with the $89 for the Redfield Scope...

    Where did you buy it at and are they still in buisness?
  10. I appreciate all the input from everybody, when I get back home I'll send some pics.of the pair. I have a "few" rifles actually, a Win.30-06. a Browning 243 lever action, a nice little pump Mossberg 410, Marlin 30-30, a little pump action 22 I'm keeping for my son and various bolt act. 22's plus myself,my son,(whose 8) and my daughter, (whose 6) all shoot bows, compound and long. Anyway keeper straight
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    winchesterpocket guide (Ned Schwing) says yur 94 was made in 1896. Blue Book says yur 94 was made in 1896.
    winchester pocket guide (geo. madis) says yur gun was made in 1897.
    yur gun is an antique. good advice to get the "letter" looks like mebbe u hita home run:cool: