on owning a class 3 device,,???

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    had a discussion at work today we were talking about suppressors, one of the guys I know wants a suppressed 10/22, and was wondering after you do all the paperwork,taxstamp, does the atf stop by and hassle ya from time to time to quote check paperwork ect, or what? can anyone straighten us out on this is it rumor or reality,,,and what to really expect,,, thanks cooter

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    If they (BATF) do make an appointment for an interview with you, doubt you will ever see them again....unless they wish to inspect the firearm for verifacation. Class III firearms holders(non-dealers) are the cream of the crop, as far as BATF is concerned. I have several friends who have class III HK`s and the fancy tax stamp required, they have never seen nor been interviewed by BATF, just did the paperwork at the transfer dealer.....waited for the approval.....started rock & rolling. One thing I have learned from them though; if your friend does decide to apply and is granted the tax stamp.....keep a "copy" with the firearm at all times, keep the original in a safe place. They also carry a lamanated reduced size for their wallets. They have had game wardens ask for it......hard to hide the sound of a G3 or MP5 rockin out 30 or 40........in the woods. LTS
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    Re: on owning a class 3 device,,???
    First Welcome Aboard!

    As to your question, speaking as a former clas 3
    dealer, what LTS said for the most part is basically
    true however, should a NFA gun owner move to a
    new location without notifying NFA then at some
    point you may be given a visit and insection of the
    said weapon, so make sure that ALL of your paperwork
    is in order and if you have ANY spare parts for the
    said weapon be sure that you do not posses a semi-auto
    version of that weapon that happens to be stored in the
    same location as the NFA weapon or you will be subject
    to very dark waters my friend.
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    To have a silent 10/22 just use 60 g subsonic ammo and
    a tunned bb to

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    Re: 10/22
    Welcome Aboard Overlord!
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