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    Olney's 33rd Annual One-Arm Dove Hunt
    September 10th and 11th, 2004

    One Arm Dove Hunt Association Meeting & Hunt

    PO. BOX 582 · OLNEY, TEXAS 76374


    The OADH will be celebrating its 33rd. year on September 10th and 11th, 2004. Hopefully, this will be the largest and best of all the years. Only your attendance and financial support can make this happen. We are counting on you, your family and your guests. Mark Your Calendar right now for September 10th and 11th for the most unusual annual event... and the only hunt of its kind in the Nation. YOU NEED TO MAKE MOTEL RESERVATIONS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If you need help, please let us know. Please tell them you are with the One-Arm Dove Hunt. This event is free to amputees and their families.
    Pipeliner Inn, Olney

    (940) 564-5695 (ask for A.D.)
    Gateway Inn, Graham

    (940) 564-5519
    For RV accommodations

    (940) 564-3541
    Spur Hotel, Archer City

    (940) 574-2501
    Best Western, Graham

    (940) 521-0190


    Please be advised that in Olney, the only motel is the Pipeliner Inn. I was informed that the rooms have been renovated and look very nice. When making reservations ask for A.D., and tell him that you will be attending the One Arm Dove Hunt. (Hope you will stay in Olney!) Archer City is located 18 miles north of Olney...Graham is 24 miles south of Olney and has three motels (see information above).

    The two Jacks were interviewed by ESPN2 in April. We were recently advised by Mr. Pearson that he will be here on Friday the 10th to film the activities. Wayne Pearson has been producing outdoor TV shows for 25 years, and has the top rated program on ESPN2, called "Outdoors with Wayne Pearson". They will film the Golf Tournament, Skeet Shoot, and we will take him to hunt a little, (we will need some volunteer hunters), and then film the Friday Night Activities at the Civic Center. Wayne has agreed to tie one arm behind his back and participate. This should be exciting...we will let him choose the arm to be tied down...I think that would be the sporting thing to do!

    WHAT A SURPRISE! Little 10 year old Joey Lambrix, from Beatrice, Nebraska, will demonstrate his shooting skills during our trap-shoot...Joey will use a regular 4-H competition air rifle. He is a remarkable young boy, and an all-round great kid. I think you will be inspired when you see him shoot...NOW THE REST OF THE STORY...Joey has no arms!!!

    The One Arm Dove Hunt was featured in the September 2003 issue of TEXAS FISH & GAME MAGAZINE. The article was very nice and we thank Kendal Hemphill for writing the article.

    The actual hunt is only secondary. We are the only upper-extremity support group in existence, and we all get together each year exchanging thoughts and ideas, and helping each other towards a better way of life. We learn from each other.

    Did you know that over 74,000 interested people have viewed our web page??? We have answered many questions and helped arm and hand amputees get back in the sport of hunting, and have helped others toward a better way of life. The One Arm Dove Hunt has a great web page. Check us out, and let us know how you like it! In your address box, just type in and hit enter (or click the link to the left). As you can see, the event is open to, women, and children of all ages. We need help to keep our records current. Please let us know if you change your mailing address. Also, please email us at so we can have your current listing. Most likely there will be several free-lance writers in attendance, so please cooperate and feed them any information they may request.

    GOLF - hopefully there will be more participants this year in the golf tournament. Tee off time will be Friday the 10th at 8:00 a.m. We need more participants if we are going to keep this event. (You do not have to be a just might be filmed, so give it a try!) Friday's Entertainment will be a nice surprise!!!!

    The Association is selling chances on a 12 Ga. Fausti O/U Shotgun (donation of $1.00). If you would like to sell tickets in your community or purchase some for yourself, please contact us.

    The One Arm Dove Hunt Association has a scholarship fund. Two $500.00 scholarships were awarded this year, so if you wish to donate, please designate "Scholarship Fund" on your check. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

    Don't forget the AUCTION and door prizes. The auction monies and individual donations are how we finance our event. If you or your community would like to donate something, feel free to do so. IF YOU DON'T PLAN TO ATTEND, but WOULD LIKE TO SEND A DONATION.....IT WILL BE APPRECIATED!

    REMEMBER....YOU DON'T HAVE TO HUNT TO ATTEND...we have plenty of fun, fellowship, one-arm jokes, tall tales, glove swapping, cow chip chunkin', food, thoughts and idea sharing, entertainment....something for everyone of every age.


    FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10TH: Golf Tournament...8:00 a.m. - Tee off at Olney golf course. Trap shoot at 2:00 p.m. (three classes) Grip testing. Registration all day, fellowship and get together, share experiences, lunch, visit with merchants, contests, old fashioned hamburger supper, evening of talent and entertainment, and practice hunt if needed.

    SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 11TH: 10 cent a finger breakfast (just think...a one-arm person can eat for 50 cents or less). Horseshoes at 8:00 a.m. Talent, music, cow-chip chunkin' (amputees vs. politicians), visit with downtown area (good buys), lunch, contests, story telling, THE HUNT (for competition amputees only)...two arm folds can assist and pick-up birds. Award prizes and trophies...prizes are given to winners in two classes (amputee above the elbow and amputee below the elbow).

    We ask you to please drop us a line to let us know if you are coming our way, and how many will be in your party. And your motel reservations immediately!!!


    The Two One-Arm Jacks
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