One good kick deserves a Lawyer

Discussion in 'The Pump House Saloon' started by wizard78, Jan 9, 2005.

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    May 11, 2004
    There was this hunter who was hunting in one side of the fence and the other side is private property. Well this duck flies over him and he takes a shot at it and hits it. It falls on the other side of the fence. Well then, he hops the fence to retrieve the duck. Right before he gets to the duck, the farmer walks up and says, "Hey this is private property. Get off of I'll sue you for trespassing." Then the hunter says, " Now wait, I'm a high class lawyer from New York, If you sue me, you wont win and then I'll counter sue you and take your farm!" well the farmer says,
    "Now wait, lets just settle this the old Montana way. Its the 3 kick rule. I kick you 3 times as hard as I want then you kick me as hard as you can 3 times." Well this catches the lawyers attention. He's a little bit bigger than the farmer and agrees with him. The farmer says, " I get to go first." So the farmer just kicks the lawyer in the balls, then in the stomach, and then in the mouth. Then the lawyer gets up and is bleeding from the mouth, and says, " Now my turn." Before the lawyer kicks the farmer, the farmers says, "Wait, you can just have the damn duck!"
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    Thanks Wizard...

    Believe it or not I'd heard this joke before (he was deer hunting in that version) and I was tring to remember how the joke went just the other day.

    Thanks for the refresher. :)

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    Serves the arrogant ba**ard RIGHT!!!!!!

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