Opinion wanted on Browning Hi-Power

Discussion in 'Centerfire Pistols & Revolvers' started by Zigzag2, Feb 24, 2003.

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    Want a Browning Hi-Power in the worst way. They never made them in .45. I am not crazy about the 9mm. That leaves the .40 S$W. I know nothing about the .40. Any opinions?
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    .40 good, 9mm bad. The .40 is a good round(not a .45, but whatya gonna do?) Has a good track record with police in shootings. I've had to shoot a dog with one, and it worked like it was supposed to. Georgia Arms makes a pretty hot round for it, a 155gr +P+ Gold Dot @ 1300fps.

    The BHP is a great design. The only thing I don't like about it is that the safety seems to small for me. It doesn't stick out from the frame far enough for me to be really comfortable with it. You can buy an aftermarket safety to fix that though. I think. They're accurate, slim, and purdy. What more could you want(except a Glock of course )
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    I've heard generally positive comments about the .40 BHP, though both of my HP's are 9mm guns. In truth, either the 9mm or the .40 will do the job if you do your part. There is a lot of quality SD ammo in both calibers. I'll take an alternative view and state that I don't think .40S&W +P+ is all that good an idea. .40S&W runs pretty close to the edge in standard loadings, I don't think I'd want anything that exceeds the SAAMI loadings in my gun. FWIW, there is no SAAMI +P standard for the .40S&W, and +P+ has never been a SAAMI standard. For my money, I'd stick with the standard, proven .40 loadings.

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    John Browning said the HP was what the 1911 should have been... It's a great pistol no matter who makes it, even the clones by FEG are good.

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    My first big caliber gun in pistol was a Browning. I got the Browning Silver Chrome in the 40 S&W. It is a sweet gun. I sold it to my brother. Only because I knew that It would stay in the family. The 40 shooter great in the High-power. They gun takes down easy and never failed me. I shot all typs of ammo and brands.


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    I am wanting one quite badly. Finances will not permits at the present time.

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    Well, this ought to start a good fight. I think the .40 S&W is a far better cartridge than either the 9mm or the .45 acp. Before the 1911 crowd starts bashing me, I'd just like to point out that the .40 has more velocity and more muzzle energy than the .45 and it ranks way ahead of the .45 in one-shot-stops according to police data. And, being thinner than the .45, you can get more of them into a clip/gun of the same size. To those who claim the .45 is superior to the .40 in any category other than age, I say show me the factual/scientific data to back up the claim. No offense is intended; I like the .45 too. But facts are facts and the .40 is simply a better cartridge.

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    That's fine irishpoet - you can like what you want. It is a free country still in that respect.

    As for me I like my 9mm and I'll most likely like my 45 when I get it.

    But I like my .303 or 8mm the best - now that's knock down power.

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    I love my Beretta Elite 9mm. Wouldn't trade it for anything. But I keep my Beretta .40 beside the bed at night. And as for the .303, yeah, my jungle carbine's a hoot to shoot, but it has "knockdown power" on both ends. Nice talkin' to ya.

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    Mercy me, they all go boom don't they? Some just have a bigger boom.


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    Pig, if you truely want a Hi-Power....get the 9. It is still used in the east, 13rnd downloded to 10 for perfect reliability. People spit on the 9....in this design....it rules! Sweet, light recoil, fast on target and back on target. The "SAS" can`t be wrong.......................
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    P-35 is the finest 9MM on the market,as far as workmanship and design, but,workmanship and design are about as good in A fight as A wink and A nod to A blind horse, .40 S&W? maybe, and as far as comparing the .45A.C.P. to the .40S&W, I can probably find some statistics somewhere to back the theory that the .177 air gun pellet is as deadly as an atom bomb, they will ALL kill, if placed in A vital spot, under the ideal conditions, so use what You can hit best with, and don't let some figures on A piece of paper sway Your decision when Your life is on the line,
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    Irishpoet although the 40S&W may have good numbers it is really not known for accuracy. SIGARMS packs all of their guns with a test target execpt for the 40 cal.
  2. greeker375

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    May 13, 2004
    I've got both the 9 & 40. Never had to shoot anything but paper with either, but, I love my Brownings.
    From the other perspective...I wouldn't want to be shot with either caliber.

  3. Gene Seward

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Batesville, Arkansas
    I had the 9 and loved it. Check out the Cor-Bon DPX for ammo. I think you will the round. I now have the Glock and XD in 9 and a Glock in 40. I guess you could say that I just love guns, but don't we all?
  4. LDBennett

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    Dec 20, 2003
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    I've got the Charles Daly Hi Power clone. I think all Hi Powers come with a magazine safety and it sucks. I disabled mine. It made the trigger pull absolutely gritty and terrible. It makes the trigger linkage drag on the magazine to be sure there is a magazine inserted. DUMB. I handled a FN (Browning) Hi Power and it had the same gritty mag safety trigger pull.

    Except for the mag safety I like the look and feel of my Hi Power.

    Mines 9mm. I have a 10mm Colt Delta Elite that I load to 40S&W levels and a CZ75B in 40S&W. I think it hard to tell the difference in felt recoil between those two and 45ACP as long as all are loaded with bullets of comparable weights. All three are more of a big push than the sharp rap you get out of the 9mm. Full load 10mm are a real handfull. My Colt twists in my hand with full loads. In fact its not much fun tht way and I now shoot down loaded 10mm rather than full loads about 90% of the time.

  5. patrol

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    May 19, 2007
    I have had three Browning Hipowers in my lifetime and currently still own one of them the Practical 9mm. They are excellent pistols that just feel right in the hand. I personally don't think anything feels more natural in my hand than a Hipower and a 1911 single stack 45.
  6. Marlin

    Marlin *TFF Admin Staff Chief Counselor*

    I had had a Practical for several years and love it. It feels very natural in my hand and has always been a honey of a shooter.

    I frequently carry it as my CCW weapon in my oxygen case along with a couple extra magazines.
  7. I own two:
    1. Belgian Browning Hi Power MKII, 9mm.
    2. MKIII in digicamo, 9mm.

    I have carried these, with two magazines, both factory 'rattrap' and MecGar 13 rounders. I also have the MecGar 15's and a few SA 17's. These are flawless pistols. Yes, they fit the hand just right. I don't live in California, what's a 10-round magazine?) They point just right.

    However, since the MKII is an older design than my MKIII, (20 some years in engineering difference), I use the 'old school' Remington-UMC 115 grain L9mmX series ammunition. The ogives are great, the specs - as tested on Youtube recently, are great, and it is affordable.
  8. Max Donovan

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    Mar 1, 2010
    Don't put a 40 Short and Wimpy top on a 9mm lower. The repair facility here gets more than a few with broken crossbars. Max
  9. duelist1954

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    Jun 27, 2011
    I have a Browning Hi-Power in .40. It is an excellent shooter, but the recoil spring is way heavy. I love shooting the Browning, but I still use 1911s as my carry guns.
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