Optics...how good is the Black Diamond?

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    Apr 6, 2003
    I would like some opinions on the Burris Black Diamond and also why the 30mm scope tubes? I have a couple of "varmint" rifles (accu-savage and howa), that i shoot 200-300yds. Both rifles are sporting very average scopes and are 1" tubes. I am expecting a new Kimber someday (when they get around to making it:)) and I thought I might fit it with a little better glass. I was also thinking that I could also do a little comparison testing of my "cheapie" scopes compared to a "nice" one.
    I have found a good deal on a new 6x24 Black Diamond (under $500). At first I was pretty excited about the bargain but then started thinking about the 30mm tube. The 30mm would not be interchangeable with either of the other two and would make swapping stuff around impractical. A Burris Signature series in the same power is actually a little more than the BD sale but it does have that 1" tube.
    Anybody out there have a Black Diamond? What makes it so special, it's light gathering capability? Is it clearly better than a Signature Series? Have I landed square into the point of diminishing returns? One other quesion, the bench rest crowd seem to love Bausch and Lomb but venders seem to be a little thin for this brand, is Bushnell and B & L the same? They both have the same models.
    I'm rather new to the long range rifle/optics game so please be gentle if I am asking questions with obvious answers. All opinions welcomed, set me straight. I don't mind spending a little extra if it's really worth it but sometimes I wonder if this 30mm stuff is marketing hype.

    Thank You
  2. BTR4ME

    BTR4ME New Member

    Apr 6, 2003
    I've found some additional information about Bausch & Lomb and Bushnell. Bushnell apparently was the distributer of an "economy" priced line of B&L products, while B&L marketed the top of the line equipment. One source suggested pressure from the medical industry to eliminate affilitaion with the firearms industry pushed B&L to eliminate firearms related products directly carrying the B&L trademark. Now all B&L rifle scopes are marketed as Bushnell. The Bushnell Elite series is supposed to be the old B&L line. That said, the Elite series is said to be among the clearest optics available at 2/3 the price of the competition, the name Zeiss and Swarovski have been mentioned. Comments anyone?:eek:

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