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or, perchance..this one

Discussion in 'The Beau Coupe Dien Cai Dau Hootch' started by Guest, Mar 4, 2003.

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    The president and Saddam Hussien were in a political meeting trying to avert the coming war, when Saddam says "you'll have to excuse me, Star Trek is coming on television and i love Star Trek!"

    G.W.Bush replies "really I love that show too!"

    Saddam not being a total barbarian invites Bush to watch it with him.

    While they are watching it, Saddam says "this is a great episode isn't it?"

    Bush agrees!

    Saddam says "there is only one problem i see with the Star Trek series".

    Bush says "whats that?"

    Saddam says"there are no Arabs or Iraqis in the shows!"

    Bush replies "Oh i thought you were aware Star Trek takes place in the FUTURE!!!!!!!!!"

    Esse Quam Videri

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