Our last best hope

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Don Buckbee, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Don Buckbee

    Don Buckbee New Member

    May 25, 2004
    Grayling, MI
    From The London Daily mail:

    by Peter Hitchens

    The night we waved goodbye to America... our last best hope on Earth

    Anyone would think we had just elected a hip, skinny and youthful replacement for God, with a plan to modernise Heaven and Hell - or that at the very least John Lennon had come back from the dead.

    The swooning frenzy over the choice of Barack Obama as President of the United States must be one of the most absurd waves of self-deception and swirling fantasy ever to sweep through an advanced civilisation. At least Mandela-worship - its nearest equivalent - is focused on a man who actually did something.

    I really don't see how the Obama devotees can ever in future mock the Moonies, the Scientologists or people who claim to have been abducted in flying saucers. This is a cult like the one which grew up around Princess Diana, bereft of reason and hostile to facts. The night America changed: Barack and Michelle Obama in Chicago.

    It already has all the signs of such a thing. The newspapers which recorded Obama's victory have become valuable relics. You may buy Obama picture books and Obama calendars and if there isn't yet a children's picture version of his story, there soon will be.

    Proper books, recording his sordid associates, his cowardly voting record, his astonishingly militant commitment to unrestricted abortion and his blundering trip to Africa, are little-read and hard to find.

    If you can believe that this undistinguished and conventionally Left-wing machine politician is a sort of secular saviour, then you can believe anything. He plainly doesn't believe it himself. His cliche-stuffed, PC clunker of an acceptance speech suffered badly from nerves. It was what you would expect from someone who knew he'd promised too much and that from now on the easy bit was over.

    He needn't worry too much. From now on, the rough boys and girls of America's Democratic Party apparatus, many recycled from Bill Clinton's stained and crumpled entourage, will crowd round him, to collect the rich spoils of his victory and also tell him what to do, which is what he is used to. Just look at his sermon by the shores of Lake Michigan. He really did talk about a 'new dawn', and a 'timeless creed' (which was 'yes, we can'). He proclaimed that 'change has come'. He revealed that, despite having edited the Harvard Law Review, he doesn't know what 'enormity' means. He reached depths of oratorical drivel never even plumbed by our own Mr Blair, burbling about putting our hands on the arc of history (or was it the ark of history?) and bending it once more toward the hope of a better day (Don't try this at home).

    I am not making this up. No wonder that awful old hack Jesse Jackson sobbed as he watched. How he must wish he, too, could get away with this sort of stuff.

    And it was interesting how the President-elect failed to lift his admiring audience by repeated - but rather hesitant - invocations of the brainless slogan he was forced by his minders to adopt against his will - 'Yes, we can'. They were supposed to thunder 'Yes, we can!' back at him, but they just wouldn't join in. No wonder. Yes we can what exactly? Go home and keep a close eye on the tax rate, is my advice. He'd have been better off bursting into 'I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony' which contains roughly the same message and might have attracted some valuable commercial sponsorship.

    Perhaps, being a Chicago crowd, they knew some of the things that 52.5 per cent of America prefers not to know. They know Obama is the obedient servant of one of the most squalid and unshakeable political machines in America. They know that one of his alarmingly close associates, a state-subsidised slum landlord called Tony Rezko, has been convicted on fraud and corruption charges.

    They also know the US is just as segregated as it was before Martin Luther King - in schools, streets, neighbourhoods, holidays, even in its TV-watching habits and its choice of fast-food joint. The difference is that it is now done by unspoken agreement rather than by law.

    If Mr Obama's election had threatened any of that, his feel-good white supporters would have scuttled off and voted for John McCain, or practically anyone. But it doesn't. Mr Obama, thanks mainly to the now-departed grandmother he alternately praised as a saint and denounced as a racial bigot, has the huge advantages of an expensive private education. He did not have to grow up in the badlands of useless schools, shattered families and gangs which are the lot of so many young black men of his generation.

    If the nonsensical claims made for this election were true, then every positive discrimination programme aimed at helping black people into jobs they otherwise wouldn't get should be abandoned forthwith. Nothing of the kind will happen. On the contrary, there will probably be more of them.

    And if those who voted for Obama were all proving their anti-racist nobility, that presumably means that those many millions who didn't vote for him were proving themselves to be hopeless bigots. This is obviously untrue.

    Yes we can what?: Barack Obama ran on the ticket of change

    I was in Washington DC the night of the election. America's beautiful capital has a sad secret. It is perhaps the most racially divided city in the world, with 15th Street - which runs due north from the White House - the unofficial frontier between black and white. But, like so much of America, it also now has a new division, and one which is in many ways much more important. I had attended an election-night party in a smart and liberal white area, but was staying the night less than a mile away on the edge of a suburb where Spanish is spoken as much as English, plus a smattering of tongues from such places as Ethiopia, Somalia and Afghanistan.

    As I walked, I crossed another of Washington's secret frontiers. There had been a few white people blowing car horns and shouting, as the result became clear. But among the Mexicans, Salvadorans and the other Third World nationalities, there was something like ecstasy.

    They grasped the real significance of this moment. They knew it meant that America had finally switched sides in a global cultural war. Forget the Cold War, or even the Iraq War. The United States, having for the most part a deeply conservative people, had until now just about stood out against many of the mistakes which have ruined so much of the rest of the world.

    Suspicious of welfare addiction, feeble justice and high taxes, totally committed to preserving its own national sovereignty, unabashedly Christian in a world part secular and part Muslim, suspicious of the Great Global Warming panic, it was unique.

    These strengths had been fading for some time, mainly due to poorly controlled mass immigration and to the march of political correctness. They had also been weakened by the failure of America's conservative party - the Republicans - to fight on the cultural and moral fronts.

    They preferred to posture on the world stage. Scared of confronting Left-wing teachers and sexual revolutionaries at home, they could order soldiers to be brave on their behalf in far-off deserts. And now the US, like Britain before it, has begun the long slow descent into the Third World. How sad. Where now is our last best hope on Earth?
  2. whoaaa....he really put it all in a nutshell....

    I've read so many posts on other blogs where people just post....
    The night America died - November 4, 2008 and I cringe. How sad. :(

  3. Don Buckbee

    Don Buckbee New Member

    May 25, 2004
    Grayling, MI


    I got up the morning of November 4th, and dressed in all black clothes. ( I knew how the election would turn out.)
    I had a Doctor's appointment that morning, and when he looked at me with a questioning look, I told him, today is the day America will die; and I'm in mourning.
    I spent 10 years in our Army on Active Duty, and 10 more in our reserve program retiring in 1980. I didn't spend all that time serving our Country so some dimwit Liberal Marxist could hand our Country over to the UN...:mad:

  4. TranterUK

    TranterUK Guest

    I am very glad you found that Don and took the time to list it for TFF. It does show what is a very common view here in the UK. Simply put, have you lost your minds?

    G-d only knows what's to come.
  5. bonkerpro

    bonkerpro New Member

    I have been in the U.S. workforce as a degreed professional working with people since 1980; first as a school teacher and later as a counselor/consultant. The last few years have been spent doing educational administration and leadership development.

    The pitfall into which many in America have fallen is called delusion, and delusion is the logical result of a process called dissonance.

    As a psychological process, cognitive dissonance is very powerful. Technically, the term dissonance is used to describe a gap that exists in the thinking of a person, but it can be a shared, or group malady. It follows a complex but all the same simple progression.

    Faced with a circumstance they do not want to deal with, the person (and sometimes, an entire group) reasons like this:

    - The truth is not the truth (Denial)
    - Here is a lie that I like better (Rationalization)
    - The lie is not a lie; it is the truth (Delusion)

    Even the most rational, thoughtful person can become trapped in dissonance and the errors in judgment that inevitably follow.

    The most humorous example I know of is an older gentlemen where I live who disregarded the instructions on his first microwave and tried to "boil" and egg. He told himself, "those instructions are just not right."

    Well, the egg exploded and made an awful mess.

    Other examples are many and not so humorous. Notable in my thinking is the recent tragedy in which the child died while firing an automatic weapon (discussion appears at another place on these forums). Somebody fooled their selves into thinking (a) that child knew how to and could handle that weapon, or (b) that the reported handling characteristics of the weapon were exaggerated, or (c) some other lie that led them to a course of action that ended in tragedy.

    American has indeed taken a turn away from sound judgment and social stability. The reasons are many.

    As materialism took hold we began a drift away from our historic moral and cultural values in the 1950's. The economic mess we are in today is the logical result of that drift.

    Three fundamental factors must be in place and working for America to work: we must be an ethical people, an informed people, and an engaged people.

    Work calls. Perhaps I can come back later and illustrate how those three factors interact.

    And back to the original question -- yes, the man called it in a nutshell. The objective view of the counselor, or in this case, the observing journalist, can in fact see things that the people trapped in the mess cannot or will not see.
  6. It is sad that every word he says is true.

    Obama's election proves the power of the media. They took the most partisian, old line left wing politician, with no experiance, and convinced 52% of the population that he was a fresh and new genuis that would make all their dreams come true.
  7. Don,
    I wore black too. I was so upset that day and just couldn't understand how so many could be happy without seeing what is to come of this wonderful nation.
    Consider yourself hugged for your years of service and may God Bless you! Back in the early 70's when I was the vet's club mascot in college, I befriended all the guys who came back from Vietnam. We became family and I heard all their stories. We hugged, we cried together and yep, got drunk alot, but all in all, we just couldn't understand why they weren't cheered when they came home. (There were no commericals like the Budweiser one or any kind of thank you) If I remember right, it wasn't until the movie, Rambo, came out that some people actually took notice. It was hard back then and my heart went out to each and every one of them as it does for every single man and woman serving then up to now. I love you all for the time you have given to keep this great nation free from harm.
    Right now, this forum is my only contact with friends who can see what is coming down the line. Up here where I live, it seems like 98% have been injected with that kooky koolaide and I get knocked down when I open my mouth about the things we see and feel. I'm seriously looking for a log cabin in the woods away from the maddening crowd or thinking about moving back to Texas again. I'm loading up on ammo for my rifle but have had no luck getting magazines for it as yet...
    But right now, before I get carried away....I just want to say, Thank you, Don. And let's keep hoping that somehow, someway, we get a miracle this holiday season, to renew our faith in America and to keep the American Dream alive.
  8. Insulation Tim

    Insulation Tim Well-Known Member

    Oct 29, 2008
    Without anyone realizing it, our country will now be controlled from Tel Aviv. How sad. I've always maintained that the Democrats only represent a very tiny, albeit very wealthy a powerful subset of our culture. They use the other 99% of their following as sheeple.
  9. TranterUK

    TranterUK Guest

    Boy I must have missed a page somewhere. I thought one of the concerns about Obama was his Islamic sympathies and education? Tel Aviv?
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  10. Tel Aviv? That is utter nonsense, Tim, and a comment that seems to smack all too much of antisemitism. Had you suggested Tehran, I might buy it, at least to some extent, since Obama has clearly expressed his sympathy for Islamic extremism. I would suggest Islamic extremists are not terribly welcome in Israel. And just for the record, Tel Aviv has not been the capitol of Israel since 1980. Israel's official capitol now is in Jerusalem.
  11. Come on Pistol. You're talking ancient history here; 1980 was almost, well let's see (8, 9, 10... taking off the shoes... 24, 25, 26... now square the root...), wow, 28 years ago. No one cares about what happened way back then. Besides, the government schools of today have much better things to do today than teach history or geography, such as renaming themselves after great and accomplished men of today such as Barak (insert middle name here) Obama.

    "Out last best hope" is not far from the truth. I honestly fear for not just our nation and way of life, but also for Western Civilization.
  12. It's good to see your official Marine Corps training has stuck with you after all these years, USMC. :::::ducking into bunker, closing lid:::::: :D;):p

    All kidding aside, I fear you are correct, USMC. :( Most of the students I teach today enter college with virtually no knowledge whatsoever of world geography, history, or anything else relevant to our civilization. Most are lucky if they are able to point out North America on a blank map of the world, much less know the history of their own nation. I too fear for the future of our once great Republic.
  13. Insulation Tim

    Insulation Tim Well-Known Member

    Oct 29, 2008
    I really don't want to get into a pissing match on this, but so far a number of his key appointments are Jewish, not Islamists. Secondly, you seem to suggest that one cannot utter anything remotely anti-Jewish as that makes you an Anti-Semite but you further state that it is okay to slam those from Tehran. Incidently, I believe that anti-Semitic does not limit itself to Jews.

    I am simply making an observation that when the Democrats hold power, liberal Jew seem to get positioned. We'll see what happens when Obama selects Supreme Court Justices.
  14. TranterUK

    TranterUK Guest

    I have a friend, and educated friend who I once saw do something I regarded as unforgivable. She questioned someone's faith. To me this is a line not to cross. The right of any person to follow whatever faith they choose should not be questioned by another or influence their suitability for a job or position in society.

    Tim wants to know the religion of those in positions of power? The only things that matter are their loyalty, ability and performance. That goes for anyone in a free society. Loose sight of that at your peril.
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  15. Exactly, Tranter, and the point of my original comment.

    Tim, you need to examine carefully what you just said. The definition of antisemitism is "prejudice against or hostility toward Jews as a group. The prejudice or hostility is usually characterized by a combination of religious, racial, cultural and ethnic biases." It is patently clear that your comment qualifies as such. My comment was not directed at Islamics as a group, religious or otherwise, but rather at a nation state, and those extremists within it, which has repeatedly expressed its hatred of this country and for whom--as the public record clearly shows--our incoming president has stated his sympathy in writing.

    No, there will be no "pissing contest" here, but do be aware that neither will such comments be tolerated on TFF. You may consider that a warning.
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