"Our Lord and Saviour" - Jamie Foxx

Discussion in 'The Fire For Effect and Totally Politically Incorr' started by GunnyGene, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Double D

    Double D Administrator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Jul 16, 2009
    North Florida
    Not one bit surprised.

  2. rosierita

    rosierita Active Member

    Mar 13, 2004
    South Carolina
  3. gvw3

    gvw3 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Oct 16, 2011
    Chicago IL Area
    Some how I don't think we all feel that way...
  4. 01brian

    01brian New Member

    Dec 7, 2011
    cult of personality. all the libs feel this way and its not surprising.
  5. lonewolf204

    lonewolf204 Well-Known Member

    Apr 10, 2011
    I agree!!!!
  6. JohnHenry

    JohnHenry Well-Known Member

    Come on folks !
    This is America and we have freedom of religion .... just because I don't agree
    with what he prays to doesn't mean that I'll "dis" the fool for what he does
    in this respect .
  7. Haligan

    Haligan Well-Known Member

    Feb 25, 2008
    FEMA Region II
    "Liberalism is mental disorder" - Mike Savage
  8. RunningOnMT

    RunningOnMT New Member

    Nov 19, 2008
    Akron, Ohio
    JohnHenry that's a liberal concept of free speech. Did anyone here say he should be thrown in jail for his stupid comments or have his tongue cut out? Yes, he has a right to speak his mind. So do we.
  9. jbmid1

    jbmid1 Well-Known Member

    Feb 3, 2011
    Tucson, AZ
    Yes it is!
  10. stumpjumper

    stumpjumper Active Member

    Jun 4, 2012
    he thinks he's another richard pryor. while pryor burned on stage, fox'll burn in hell for his remarks
  11. American Leader

    American Leader Well-Known Member

    Mar 1, 2011
    Blasphemy for sure! Has nothing to do with political party, although the Dems did try and take God out of their platform!
  12. JohnHenry

    JohnHenry Well-Known Member

    R O Mt ..............
    I'm sorry that you didn't find , at least a small amount , of Tongue-in-Cheek in my
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