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    Federal grant pays for talking urinal cakes.
    Talking Urinal Cakes

    Men who make a pit stop at any of hundreds of Michigan bars may hear a public service announcement, in the bathroom.

    Bill Walsh flushes out the story about the talking urinal cakes.

    When you're out of town and hear voices you may have had too much to drink.

    But not anymore.

    "Hey there big guy. Having a few drinks? Then listen up."

    At restaurants and taverns all over Michigan, when men are in to do their business, it won't be the booze or the porcelain god talking, but a chatty little cake at the bottom of the loo.

    "I usually get in there and get done you know, it's like in and out you know. And to sit there and having someone talk to you while you're going to the bathroom is kind of weird you know."

    These digital pucks are motion, not liquid activated. A sultry voice, a Judy in the John, tells men to...

    "Make the smart choice tonight. Don't drink and drive."

    "Like the recording says when you're standing here, the future is in your hands men. And Michigan state police want you to make a good decision."

    "Here's a real friendly reminder."

    We streamed some of these pit stop public service announcements for the guys who thought they were on target.

    "Ha ha, you know what. I'll make sure I take a cab home. Or have someone else drive, how's that?"

    Check out the most risqué track on this potty play list. It paints a picture that might shrink even the bravest of men.

    "Don't drive drunk. If you do and you get arrested, the next urinal you pee in will be in jail. With a harry guy named Bubba standing behind asking you to pick up the soap and be his BLEEP."

    It is so shocking we even had to bleep the last word.

    "The potty has a potty mouth, exactly."

    This idea is already making a big splash.

    "That's a first, yeah, Bubba. Bubba's behind you, look out."

    Clearly drunk driving is not a laughing matter, but some people wonder

    If this message is all watered down with the toilet humor.

    "It's a waste of money. Because it'll be a joke."

    The 21-dollar cakes last about three months and were paid for with a federal grant.

    They're part of a Fourth of July education and law enforcement effort in Wayne, Bay, Ottawa and Delta Counties.
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