Owners Manual for Savage 340V (.225 Winchester)

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  1. gunaholic2

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    Nov 17, 2010
    New Jersey
    Where can I obtain an owners manual for the savage 340v (.225 winchester) bolt action rifle ? I just purchased a used one yesterday. It is a well built, good looking rifle. This is my first rifle caliber gun.
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  2. You can't. After a certain amount of time (years) most manufacturers no longer support the product. the Savage/Stevens/Springfield models 340/325/840 rifles haven't been made since the early '80's so your only option for a owner's manual would be on-line gun action sites or firearm websites that deal in obsolete manuals.

    Another inconvenience you are going to have is finding ammunition. The .225 Winchester is not currently loaded by any of the major ammo manufacturers. You may be able to find limited amounts from obsolete ammunition dealers or manufacturers, but it ain't gonna be cheap!

    While the .225 Winchester was a fine round that was created to be an economical alternative to the .220 Swift, the fact it is a rimmed cartridge and the rise of the Remington .222, .222 Magnum and .223 doomed it to obsolecence. Learning to reload your own cartridges may be your cheapest option with this rifle.

    As for replacement parts, Numrich Gun Parts has a large selection for these rifles.

  3. Bindernut

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    Actually, Winchester does still carry their Super-X 55grPSP loading of the .225. Catalog number is X2251.
    It had been dropped for a year or so, but it is still available as one of their limited production annual runs. These do sell out pretty fast at the major shops, some of the less shopped places online still show some in stock...but they are usually priced quite a bit higher than the bigger places like ableammo, midway, grafs, etc too.
    Winchester also has new .225 brass available for reloaders yet and dies are available from pretty much all of the big brandnames.
    I suspect they brought it back from the dead due to customer demand. I know several guys up here in ND that howled when they discontinued the regular production runs back in the early 2000s.
    There are still quite a few .225s out there and the .225 is also the base cartridge for a few wildcats so I think we'll see it available for a while yet...even if only in those low-production seasonal runs.
    Good reason to stock up on ammo and brass anyways. :)

    As for the 340 itself,
    Check here for a parts list and diagram... http://www.wisnersinc.com/rifles/savage/325-340.html
    I don't know if I've ever seen a link for an online manual for it. It wouldn't hurt to contact Savage to see if they still have one available but I doubt it. As boomer said, probably your best bet would be to watch the auction sites or see if someone that has one can scan theirs for ya. I would if I had one...all I've got is one old 340 in .222 but no manual either.

    That cheap little Savage is a good rifle! The .225 is an excellent little cartridge too...it just got overshadowed by the .22-250 (and the .220Swift that it was intended to replace).
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  4. gunaholic2

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    Nov 17, 2010
    New Jersey
    I want to thank all of you for your help. I just picked up another box of .225 Winchester today. It was $37.95/20 . As far as I am concerned, that isn't a bad price. The rifle is actually beautiful, so I will keep it, maybe even forever. LOL.
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    Thanks TRAP55 for the post, great link!
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