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Painting Guns with Scopes

Discussion in 'Technical Questions & Information' started by CountryGunsmith, Feb 23, 2003.

  1. CountryGunsmith

    CountryGunsmith New Member

    Jan 29, 2003
    Deep Piney Woods of East Texas
    Posts: 2289
    (2/4/02 10:43:57 pm)
    Reply | Edit | Del All painting guns
    I am sending off a synthetic stock and the bipod to get a snow camo paint job tomorrow. My question is.

    Do you guys think there will be any adverse effects to getting the scope painted?

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    Senior Chief Moderator Staff
    Posts: 3073
    (2/4/02 10:55:37 pm)
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    Re: painting guns
    warpig - I'm almost sorry I brought up the subject of scopes when you said you were getting everything camo'd.

    I wouldn't think it would hurt but then again I virtually am at the beginning of the learning stage about scopes.

    Senior Chief Moderator Staff
    Posts: 1173
    (2/4/02 11:09:07 pm)
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    The only adverse effect will be when you get it back and find out the painter made a mistake and painted it pink with little flowers.


    Posts: 880
    (2/4/02 11:14:49 pm)
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    MIght depend if the paint(chemicals) has any effects on the seals or o-rings. also make sure that all movable parts still move like objective, power ring if not fixed power. Eye focus.
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