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  1. i was lucky enough to have met and learned from my great grandfather when i was growing up.he told me many things that you would think a kid would forget.i worshiped the man and remembered everything he told of the things he said was any time you are going out to a saloon is to 1.go inside and wait at the door a minute until your eyes got used to the dark.2.b-4 one drink is to look around and find the uglyist female in the saloon,look her straight in the face and then say excuse me mam i thought you were someone else.3.start drinking and from time to time look over at the ugly lady,he said son,when she starts to look good its time to leave the saloon.he died at 99 years old and i will never forget him,i also have never woke up with an ugly woman. old semperfi
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    Mar 10, 2009
    Your Great Grandad sounds like he was a pretty smart feller.

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