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    (2/7/03 11:13:26 am)
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    I would like to know the value of a Para P14-45 Limited in stainless. This includes the box and all paperwork, three 14 round Para clips, two 10 round Para clips, nylon pouches for two pairs of clips, and a Hunter leather holster. The Para has had about three hundred rounds through it and is 98%.


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    I would say if you consider the price of hi-caps into the overall picture, about $850 to $900 max.

    $650 for the gun+
    $65 a piece for the mags(this is a high figure in my opinion)+
    The rest of the stuff being tossed in = $845

    Even though the gun has not been fired much, you're still talking about a Para here not a Caspian or other high dollar gun.

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    I have it listed locally at $799, so I am in the ballpark
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