Parkerized Security Six???

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  1. Crocodile

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    A while ago I obtained a Ruger Security Six with a 6" bbl. This pistol has what appears to be a black parkerized finish or is, at the very least, black with a finish that looks like parkerizing to me. :confused:

    In any case, I have tried to find information on this at various places on the Internet including the Ruger Forum, but have been unable to get a straightforward answer. No one knows anything about any production runs for a black parkerized Security Six - regular or custom order. Is it possible that this was a custom production run for the military or a police agency? However, don't they usually stamp the name of the unit or agency on the revolver?

    The lack of info on this just about leads me to conclude that this was a custom job by some gunsmith, though why someone would do this is beyond me. Does anyone here have any clue as to what the story might be?

    The left side of the bbl has the following information on it:

    Before using gun-read warnings in
    instruction manual available from
    Sturm, Ruger & Co, Inc ®
    Southport, Conn U.S.A.

    Actually, the ® is not exactly what's there. The R inside the circle seems to have a C attached to the back of the upper part of it. I have attached a JPG of what it looks like.

    The right side has .357 Magnum Cal.

    the right side of the frame above the trigger has Ruger Security Six followed by a regular ® and then the Ruger symbol.

    The serial # range is: 159-14XXX

    That's all the info I have. I hope it helps.


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  2. Ruger has made special production runs of their revolvers from time to time, and not all have an agency name on them.

    I would still bet on an aftermarket refinish, though.

  3. Xracer

    Xracer *TFF Admin Staff Mediator*

    At one time the Air Force issued Ruger revolvers to it's Air Police....but I'm not sure which model.

    Perhaps this is one of those.
  4. I'd imagine they'd be US Property marked.
  5. john1958

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    Apr 11, 2003
    West-Central Indiana
    In 1985 I went through Army Ordnance School at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland as a 45b10 Small Arms Repairer. We learned disassembly/assembly of Ruger Security Sixes, but I can't remember what finish they had. I sure don't remember them being parkerized. They had short barrels, so I suppose they were for security use.

    Waffenmeister (John)
  6. Crocodile

    Crocodile New Member

    You know, I think I can see the direction this is heading in. ;) I suppose what I ought to do is write to Ruger, Inc. and see what they have to say. Certainly someone, somewhere in the front office ought to be able to check their records to see what the deal is, though I am just terrible about sending snail mail, as, if memory serves, they don't offer an email addy for questions of this sort. :(
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