Patriot Act it Un-American ?

Discussion in 'The Constitutional & RKBA Forum' started by Shizamus, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. Shizamus

    Shizamus New Member

    Jun 27, 2001
    Over the past few months, a staggering array of truly alarming
    programs, policies, and legislative proposals has come to light:
    conducting searches without warrants; military tribunals for U.S.
    citizens; dispensing with habeas corpus; increased wiretapping
    and electronic eavesdropping; video surveillance; see-through-
    clothing x-ray machines; "data mining" of financial transactions
    and virtually all electronic databases; national identification cards;
    and biometric identification. Some of these schemes have been
    scutled(temporarily) by exposure; others have been adopted or await legislative action. One of the most frightening proposals
    to be leaked to the public is a piece of draft legislation crafted
    by activists at the U.S. Justice Department. Officially entitled the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003(DSEA), the legislation has been dubbed "Patriot Act II" by opponents, since it appears to be a follow up punch to the USA Patriot Act of 2001, passed
    in the wake of 9-11. The Justice Dept. originally denied that the
    draft legislation existed, even though it had provided copies of
    the bill--marked "CONFIDENTIAL--NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION" and
    dated January 9th--to Speaker of the house Dennis Hastert and
    Vice President Richard Cheney. Almost none of the 535 members
    of congress have received official copies of the draft legislation,
    including members of the Judiciary Committees of the House and
    Senate, who normally would be expected to have early access to the proposed law. A whistleblower within Justice leaked the
    draft, and is now readily available. This proposal gives the
    Federal Government expanded power to snoop into the private
    affairs of American citizens without getting a warrant or meeting
    the constitutional standards of probable cause. Perhaps the
    most disturbing part of the draft is the provision that would give the government the power to revoke United States citizenship
    for engaging in political activity.


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  2. 1952Sniper

    1952Sniper New Member

    Aug 22, 2002
    I would personally like to see American citizenship revoked from any government official who engages in practices that are aimed at stripping Constitutional rights from American citizens.

    After all, that's an un-American activity isn't it? It is as bad or worse than terrorism. Not only is it contrary to what this country is all about, but it is a flagrant violation of their oaths of office during which they pledged to uphold the Constitution.

    Burn, burn, all of them..... :mad:

  3. Shizamus

    Shizamus New Member

    Jun 27, 2001
    You've got that right !
    But WHO will do it ?
    Only a 2nd revolution would do it
    and is in order. But WHO would join in
    such a cause and give their all for future
    generations including your grandchildren
    which you will never know. Yet that is what
    our Founding Fathers did for future generations
    that they would never know. What a sacrifice
    that was for a thankless generation that we
    see today.

  4. kaylan1

    kaylan1 New Member

    hey, shiz, careful with the revolution talk, they might be watching. you get a visit in the middle of the night from some guys driving a black suburban and wearing black suits.;)
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  5. Zigzag2

    Zigzag2 Guest

    Hey Shizamus, you do have your hard-drive wrapped in aluminum foil yes? :cool:
  6. Shizamus

    Shizamus New Member

    Jun 27, 2001
    I have sensors in the drive way to detect
    black suburbans.
    I have my hard drive wrapped in tin foil,
    and a sky-cam for those black helicopters
    don't you know.

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