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  1. JLA

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    Feb 26, 2007
    Heart Of Texas
    for those of us who enjoy our SMLE rifles, i have hit a very very consistent load. my rifle is a SMLE mk.1 no.4, mfg. date 10/47 (post-war), my barrel slug mikes a shade over .311 and i use sierra 180 pro-hunter bullets for hunting and target practice... the load consists of 43 gr. accurate 2520 over a CCI 250 primer, in a remington case trimmed to 2.212", i resize just to the leading edge of the fireformed shoulder, being careful not to move the shoulder. bullets are seated to 3.075" oal. these will feed properly from the enfields magazine. #s are as follows... 2527.2 fps. avg. velocity(10 ft. from the muzzle) 2552 ft. lb. muzzle energy, 2.8" high at 100 yds.(200 yd. zero), extreme spread is 23, and standard deviation is 7.6, no signs of excessive pressure, and a very clean burn. i hope someone might find this load as satisfying as i have. be careful, and be safe...
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    Dec 3, 2005
    I have the same #4 MK1 rifle & that load may come in handy. I've got the 180 gr prohunters already. Neck sizing the .303 seems to be the way to go, being careful not to upset the bulged-out shoulder. Brass tends to last more than a few loadings that way. I've had Winchester brass crack on the second re-load when the cases are totaly ful-length re-sized. I think I got a bad run of brass. In the one bag of 50 cases there were three cases that were totaly misformed/mangled at the mouth. I'm gonna send those back to Winchester along with the bag so they can fine tune their quality control.

    I've been itching to head out to the rifle range & spend a few hours testing loads. The weather here in Utah has been perfect the last couple of days with about 74 degrees:D

  3. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    i'm blessed with a goodly supply of mil ball , but i'll note it down in case one day ..

    cheers !
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    Mar 30, 2011
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    What kind of groups are you getting?
  5. JLA

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    Feb 26, 2007
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    Was getting 2 MOA avg with the factory sights.

    I never scoped that rifle.
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    Jul 8, 2009
    JLA came across a long branch edition mk4 in .308 2 weeks back.
  7. JLA

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    Feb 26, 2007
    Heart Of Texas
    Those are rare as hens teeth in these parts. I figure thay are fairly common up your neck of the woods eh Kieran. BTW, good to see you back here. ;)