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Pearl Harbor

Discussion in 'General Military Arms & History Forum' started by Guest, Feb 23, 2003.

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    Guest Guest

    Senior Chief Moderator Staff
    Posts: 652
    (5/26/01 6:33:17 pm)
    Reply | Edit | Del All Pearl Harbor
    Well, my son took a date to see Pearl when it opened last night in Indy.

    His review: "Too long, a 'guy's "Titanic,"' Battle scenes well done, thinks digitally enhanced actual footage was used at times.

    Said good action footage in Battle of Britain, and the attack, Love story was "hokey."

    He asked a lot of questions about the Doolittle raid, thought some facts were wrong.

    He said see it, but it's still too long...he says without the Doolittle Raid, it would have been just right, but that stupid Americans that didn't know history had to leave feeling good about something, after all it IS a Disney film.

    Didn't tell me how his date went, an "older woman," a college girl that goes to school with my daughter...

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    (5/27/01 5:53:33 am)
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    Supposed to be a good documentary about Pearl on network TV on Sunday nite. Havent seen the new one yet...most times wait till pay per view...movie houses arent as comfortable as my Laz-Z-Boy.

    Cant really complain about said movie yet...any thing that gets a sense of history into the young folks is not all bad. Made both my kids watch "Saving Private Ryan" still think should be required viewing in public school system. Should also have Spencer Tracy's "Inherit the Wind" required viewing also. Just have to see how all the politically correct reviewers treat it. Have a nice weekend PS.regards swede
    Wyoming Swede

    Posts: 1048
    (5/27/01 2:47:06 pm)
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    Re: Pearl Harbor
    Check out this interactive thing-


    Just click on the picture when you get there!

    Senior Chief Moderator Staff
    Posts: 660
    (5/28/01 8:35:39 am)
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    One thing he said, the battle scenes were every bit as realistic as "Ryan."

    I remember seeing "Tora, Tora, Tora" in the theaters as a kid, and one of my memories is how quiet the theater was until the first "Jap" (There, I said it!) got shot down, then the whole place CHEERED. I'll always remember it.

    Aroused a little patriotism I think...we'll see what happens with this one.

    Senior Chief Moderator Staff
    Posts: 613
    (5/28/01 9:54:48 am)
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    polishshooter - try watching the original Tora, Tora, Tora in a theater on Kauai - 2/3 of the people there were Japanese/American. And then watch your dad get embarassed because his small son stands up and says something to the effect of "you dirty rotten japanese" during the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

    I laughed so hard I cried.

    Posts: 395
    (5/28/01 11:50:32 am)
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    Was just a little tyke (4) when Pearl Harbor happened -

    Don't remember that particular event, but do remember how somber the adults were back then - hard to get a smile from anyone. People started collecting all sorts of stuff - string, foil wrap (even from the inner wrap of cigarette packs), scrap iorn, aluminum, old toothpaste tubes, rubber, clothing - you name it. In school, we would buy savings stamps for 10 cents each to put in a book. Every Wednesday was earmarked for Stamp Day - if every one in class bought a stamp(s), we got to put a !00% purchase sign on the classroom door facing the hallway - the goal was to not let another room outdo us! It was a big point of pride, so we all begged our parents for at least a dime on that day. You would be suprised how hard it was for some families to come up with that dime for each kid back in those days! When you had $25 and the book filled, you took it down and exchanged for a savings bond. You could actually cash the partially filled book in at the post office, just like cash. Everything was a slogan - "There's a war to be Won", "Support our Boys Over There", "Buy Savings Bonds", "Is That Trip Necessary", etc.

    Naturally, our childhood games were mostly centered around the war. We fought off hordes of massed Japs (don't know why the Germans really never felt our young wrath) with our wooden rifles and pistols - even had worn out auto mufflers set up as water cooled Browning machineguns. Had foxholes and bunkers in the vacant lots in the area - looked all the world like giant rodents had been burrowing. Every once in a while, someone would get hit with a rock "grenade" and go home crying!

    Keep off the Ridgeline!!

    Senior Chief Moderator Staff
    Posts: 661
    (5/28/01 2:48:20 pm)
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    That's a great story Kdub.

    When I was a kid in the 60s I remember my uncle doing a credible(?) imitation of FDR's Day of Infamy speech. I can still hear him,..."We don't want Waaaar..."

    As Republicans, my father and his brother hated FDR.

    Later on I heard a recording of the actual speech and thought whoever was doing it was doing it wrong.

    I don't know, maybe kids made up for it later...we used to play "Rat Patrol" all the time, I was Tully. And we usually had somebody get hit with the old rock grenade too...got in trouble a few times at school over that!

    When we were running around the playground gunning Tigers and Krauts with our imaginary Ma Deuces, we always got yelled at for terrorizing the other kids, usually the girls.

    Assaulted the monkey bars and slide all the time.

    You know, I remember even taking our plastic Thompsons into school a few times too, betcha' that never happens again. Today, we'd all get expelled!

    I also remember when they were in season, spy apples made the BEST grenades...

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    Posts: 336
    (5/29/01 8:44:29 am)
    Reply | Edit | Del Re: Pearl Harbor
    Hey Kdub.....guess you're an OldPhart like me, only not quite as old. I was 6 1/2 when Pearl Harbor took place.

    I remember the Savings Stamps....sold 'em in schools....even sold them during intermission at the Saturday Movie Matinees....y'know the ones with the two "B" war movies (complete with AT-6 "Zeros" & Sessue Hayakawa), newsreel & cartoon for 10 cents.

    Meatless Tuesdays, Ration Stamps, 35 mph Speed Limit (to save gas & tires), Rosie The Riviter, Gold Star Mothers, Air Raid Wardens, the Red & Blue radio networks (and no weather reports), scrap drives....

    In the fall, we were given huge burlap sacks to collect milkweed pods.....had to get 'em at just the right time, just as they were opening. They were used to make kapok life jackets. Used to get 50 cents for a FULL SACK...."No sonny, that's not quite full enough".....

    Pinecones made swell handgrenades.....light enough to hang on your shirt, and they looked nice, but didn't throw very well.

    I know I was personally responsible for killing off several Jap divisions and half the Wehrmacht.....but Dad wasn't too happy when I started digging a foxhole out behind the garage.

    the real fredneck
    Posts: 15
    (5/31/01 10:08:32 am)
    Reply | Edit | Del re
    can relate about the playground activities and you're right would likely get expelled for them today

    yeah I was raised in a republican family too for years thought Hitler and FDR were running mates

    have an uncle who was at pearl that morning, there was a map in Time showing locations of ships at time of attack have to ask him the one he was on

    the real fredneck
    Posts: 21
    (6/1/01 10:22:05 am)
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    Checked w/uncle his ship was the USS Argonne directly across the channel from Battleship Row the torpedo runs at the California and Oklahoma went right past the stern of his ship

    Senior Chief Moderator Staff
    Posts: 688
    (6/1/01 1:38:29 pm)
    Reply | Edit | Del Re: Pearl Harbor
    Did he get a chance to get in any shots?

    There is a legend that has a black mess steward manning a .50 AAMG got the first Jap plane.

    Interstingly, most civilian casualties at Pearl were due to spent AA rounds, mostly .50 cal BMG...

    What's kind of interesting is that almost all available Navy AA was in action within 7 minutes of the start of the attack, while only 4 Army AA batteries out of 31 ever got into action at all.

    This was partly due to the fact the Navy practiced General Quarters, so knew the drill, plus the fact the Army had to run around to find the keys to the locked ammo storage bins.

    The Navy has damage control tools all around, so their ammo lockers were easily pried or hammered open.

    the real fredneck
    Posts: 22
    (6/1/01 1:54:43 pm)
    Reply | Edit | Del Re: Pearl Harbor
    It's only been in recent years that he even discussed it, guess I was 12 or so before even knew it, he never mentioned getting off any shots but the one portion of the story that was memorable was that when the Arizona was hit there was a long pause or at least it seemed like a long pause in everything on both sides, when the magazine blew guess it was pretty much like a tactical nuke 1 million pounds of powder, anyway knocked everyone off their feet throughout the harbor and even the Japs stopped shooting for a couple of seconds guess the shock wave wobbled their wings and messed up their concentration
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