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    Veteran Receives Medals After 40 Years
    Published : Sunday, 13 Feb 2011, 5:42 PM MST

    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - From the War Room -- the Army honors several soldiers in Scottsdale on Sunday, one of whom has been waiting more than 40 years for several medals from the Vietnam War.

    Luis Molinar accepted awards for his bravery in Vietnam.

    “I’m a little overwhelmed. I’m emotional and happy this is happening,” Molinar said.

    It was a recognition that had been long overdue.

    “To me, this is a closure, a closure of many years in the military and being shot down twice and receiving these awards and recognition,” Molinar said.

    On Sunday, Molinar received his Purple Hearts and Silver Star.

    “It was a matter of time. I knew this would come, but I wasn't expecting it,” he said.

    A pilot during the Vietnam War, Molinar is credited with getting his helicopter back in the air after it was shot down.

    On Sunday, he was humbled by the applause and choked up by the support of his friends.

    “We went to Vietnam together. We’ve been friends since 1967. We’re brothers. We’re not just friends,” Molinar said.

    “This is so overwhelming. This is awards that should have been given to him many years ago. He is a class act,” said Vietnam veteran Gene Franck.

    Molinar fought alongside Franck and John George during the war.

    “When he was having emotional needs to get over Vietnam, I put together a 12-page story about what happened to him to help him recover,” George said.

    Molinar's honor ended with hugs and appreciation from close friends.

    “Seeing my friends, we risked our lives for each other, and we are here to talk about it,” he said.