Personal weapons carried by U.S. Soldiers and marines

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    Among the rank and file, the rules aren't really well known. The gist of it when I was in Iraq was pretty by the book, was in the 82nd ABN which is pretty by the book and the order was that the Division CO wouldn't allow it. In Afghanistan, with the other units I was in (two different tours) the general understanding was that they were allowed (among the soldiers, never discussed officially) as long as ammo was FMJ. I only saw a couple of guys ever carrying non issue pistols, and they were always the type of guys who, while in a regular line unit, had jobs that meant nobody ever much said anything about what they carried.
    Keep in mind Iraq and Afghanistan are two pretty different animals, and the official army regulations are enforced to different degrees in different units. I was an airborne combat engineer, and we mostly existed as platoon sized units wherever we went, working with the infantry units we were attached to.
    I had a job in my last unit where I would be the only engineer in an infantry platoon, and I would have to go out several hundred meters by myself, alone, to deal with land mines, IEDs, and unexplored ordinance. Nobody cared what I carried, I could be wearing a Santa suit and carrying pearl handled peacemakers and nobody would say anything. Every other job I did, was pretty by the book.
    In the combat zones, much is left to the interpretaion of the highest ranking person around, and it usually isn't questioned too much.
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