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  1. Now's your chance folks! List your pet peeves, get them out in the open, clean the pipes, let it all hang out! :D;)

    Here are my Top 10, but I have many more. It doesn't take a whole lot to set me off. :rolleyes:

    1. Telemarketers. (All should be shot out of hand as a public service :cool:)

    2. Spammers. (See comment above. ;))

    3. Liberal politicians, particularly those with an agenda.

    4. Anti-gunners. (Ship them all to China, Russia, or Britain)

    5. Religious fanatics (not honest and devout believers, just the narrow-minded lunatic fringe)

    6. Baggy pants and piercings on males. (Hip huggers on appropriate females are OK though, VERY OK ;))

    7. So-called "hunters" who kill wantonly and for no purpose.

    8. Bureaucrats.

    9. Illegal immigrants.

    10. Drivers who insist on doing 25 in a 45 zone, or 50 on the freeway. :D

    What are some of yours?
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    Girls who wear really skin tight pants... And long shirts.

    Just kidding...

    In truth. I used to think #1 was trains. We have several grocery warehouses locally and a couple co-ops so you get stopped by a really long train every time you try to cross town, but what really kills me is my neighbors dogs... There are a couple rent houses around me and it seems that no sooner do I teach these wild animals that they are better off quietly sitting on the back porch, the people up and move leaving the house to another set of redneck renters with a bellowing mutt... They are usually easy enough to train, but it has to be done, usually while I am trying my best to grab a few hours of much needed sleep.

    Maybe I should move to the sticks. :D


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    Jan 28, 2002
    Stupid People!!!!
  4. I'm with you, IPT! I also have no tolerance for people who think they will intimidate me. They find out fairly quickly what I think about that.

    OH, OH, OH!!! I was talking to a friend on the phone yesterday (God I hate talking on the phone!), anyway she was telling me how her mother-in-law (who lives alone in a bad part of town, while my friend lives in the northern part of the state) had just bought one of those big frozen meat packaged deal thingys. Well, the mom-in-law (who also, BTW, has a benign tumor on her brain) went to her deep freezer (which was in a locked room in her carport) just to find the lock was broken. Someone had stolen ALL that meat she had just bought. ALL OF IT. And it gets WORSE! She turned around and the neighbors directly across the street from her had their grill in their FRONT yard grilling out with--low and behold--HER box of meat. ON TOP OF THAT, they were waving at HER and LAUGHING! She went over there and told them she knew they took her meat and they just laughed. It made me sick when she told me about it and it still makes me sick every time I think about it. I don't know if you can call that a "pet peeve" but THIS is the kind of bullsh!t that pisses me off to no end. The incredibly sad and unfortunate reality is THAT is NOT an isolated incident. THIS is the kind of legacy parents are leaving their children. When my friend was telling me this story, before she finished, my knee-jerk reaction was thinking the people were that poor and just trying to feed their children. I've stated on here before that if things were that bad for me (and I mean pretty damn bad), I would steal food to feed my son. Believe me, I pray to God that I would never have to do that but I will do everything in my power to see that my son never goes hungry (and that's no small feat cuz he's 13 1/2 yeards old!!;)).

    But it irks the sh!t out of me when I'm over here struggling my ass off as a single parent and teaching my son to become a man of integrity while the majority of the world are like the aforementioned.
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    Apr 23, 2002
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    Speaking of stupid people... People who are this arrogant while you know where they live.

    Revenge is sweet.


  6. True...VERY true
  7. I am really coming to believe that the downfall of this country began when simple assault became illegal and prosecutable. I'm not talking about a serious beating or using weapons. Just a square off with fists, a bruise or two and perhaps some lessons learned.

    There was a time giving a trouncing for acting way out of acceptable bounds was applauded. Should a discourteous young man act in a lewd manner to a young lady, and her father, brother or husband gave said young man a sound thrashing the police told him he received exactly what he deserved. These days defending the young lady's honor will find you in jail.

    The lessons of today teach that bad behavior and discourtesy are allowed because the good guys have their hands tied behind their backs by a society that has lost its backbone.

    Just one of my pet peeves.
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    Dang now I know why I got into so much trouble as a young man, I wasn't supposed to blouse those type of peoples nose for them. Oh well to late to change now. Heck I even got arrested in our little town then got un-arrested when the officer found out the rest of the story. My pet peeve is jerks that take up handicapped parking without requiring it. Ask my wife how many times she has saw me make a butt of myself asking, then telling some individual to get out of a handicapped parking space. catfish
  10. But IPT, that would include all politicians!! :eek::D What would Hillary say? ;):p
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    We need abouty 500 ft of Detcord to take care of the nieghbors of the lady in Suzi's post.

    Wrap the house and put a cap to it. hehehehe.
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    People who refuse for miles to pass a State Trooper driving in the left lane just 3 or 4 miles per hour below the speed limit causing traffic to back up.....
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    Firebird, I have an idea for Auntie!
    Go out and collect some road kill of various kinds and in different stages of decomposition. Butcher it, package it, put it in her freezer! Have her brag to the thieveing neighbors that she replaced the meat...and hopefully they'll repeat their stupidity and steal from her again. Then SHE can stand out front while they're grilling smiling & she knows where that meat came from! Chow down a!!holes !
    The audacity of stupid people is one of my pet peeves!
  14. Not exactly subtle, but yup, that would definitely work, Berto. :rolleyes: No doubt about it. :D I've seen that stuff take down full-grown trees.
  15. Great idea guys! If/When I find out were they live, I promise you I will think of something.