Photo Zimmermans Injuries

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  1. If someone did this to you, would YOU think that you were in danger of being seriously injured or killed? Hmmmmmmm. This is a cell phone photo taken a few minutes after the shooting, and the GPS location and timing imbedded in the photo confirm that it is exactly what, when and where Zimmerman said it was.

    I am personally sick and tired of the BS about a 911 dispatcher, who I recognize are good people doing a very important service, suggesting that Zimmerman stay in his car, and thats a reasonable excuse for filing of charges after Trayvon did this to Zimmerman. Not withstanding the fact that they are good people providing a necessary service, 911 dispatchers are not law enforcement officials, and they have no authority to "direct the public" in any way. Frankly, their job is to take the call, get details that are important for those who will respond and ensure the utmost accuracy in the data they collect. They then are charged with dispatching the appropriate emergency services personnel to address the situation. They are not cops, lawyers, doctors or God. Their "opinions" arent gospel and frankly, they should keep opinions to themselves. I am sure that there are municipal jurisdictions in this nation where dispatchers are "scripted" to give such "direction" to the public, but that doesnt make it "correct" and to consider hinging the decision on making an arrest on this as a component of the legality of deadly force to protect ones life falls somewhere between disheartening and disgusting.

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    If that photo is in the defense breifcase, and if it is both introduced and accepted into evidence, then it will help quite a bit.

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    The holier-than-thou new york times said they " weren't sure if the photos were messed with or not ".

    Are they implying all the cops and EMT's on scene are involved in a huge conspiracy? Kinda sounds like it to me.

    BTW, aren't they the very same ones who came up with the doctored 911 call? And then apologized for it.
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    Thanks for posting. Interesting information.
  5. YW. I read a number of articles from "major news sources" that came up in a search related to this photo, and you can CLEARLY SEE the same injuries and bloody marks on his head in a news clip as well. Havent we all heard on the "news" that Zimmerman appeared to NOT have such injuries in news footage? Hmmmmmmm. Seems like interesting timing for another "evil racist non-black man kills poor black honor student and future developer of the cure for cancer" when we are in the midst of another election where RACE RACE RACE RACE AND RACE will be the ultimate primary "platform" of the Dems? Nah. Coincidence.
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    Listening to Hannity last night. He had the gonads to say that bHo was trying to start a race war. I'm not saying he's right, or wrong, but Kudos to him for bringing up the possibility. That takes brass.
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    To me the bad thing is he is in jail! Only to satisfy the whim of Al Sharpton and all the protesters including Trayvon's parents. At least I expect the mother and father to be upset but when you see "evidence" that he acted in self defense why not back up the Sanford police department?
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