Phu Bai Rifle Range trip pictures

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  1. a few weeks before TeT.. our platoon made a trip out to a rifle range that was just west of Phu Bai a few miles...

    I think it was used more by the SVN troops since their boot camp was just other the hill from here..

    We familierized with M60's, M14's (hadn't gotten the M16's yet) and LAWs....

    Later with 50's but I don't have any pictures of that trip.....

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  2. more....

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  3. and more...

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    May 4, 2009
    Do you remember seeing another group of several Corpsman and Doctors?
    I had convinced them that they at least need to know how to load and shoot M16s. I had given up all that "they wouln't shoot at me, I'm a Corpsman" crap on my 2nd tour, and was blazing away with my Win 97, my.45, and the worlds most beat up Ruger 3 screw.:cool:
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